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High Humidit Non-cold bridge Low Temperature Cleanroom Ceiling System

It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, aerospace and other industries with different temperatures. Lights, FFU and fire fighting equipment. The system consists of an Non-cold bridge ceiling system and any aluminum ceiling system.

Hoisting Bar: 3m

Fastener: Hexagonal Nut,Flange Nut,etc.

Level Governor: Galvanized Steel

bar: Aluminum

Inner Iiner: Non-cold Bridge Cleanroom Ceiling Panel

Plate Connector: Aluminum Ceiling System

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1、This product include: hanging bar, square regulator, flange nuts, hex nuts, T-bolts, aluminum ceiling suspended keel , ceiling panels and other connections.

2、The broken bridge partition wall system are connected by high-strength ABS corners, so that the overall structural strength of the frame is not affected, and in some low-temperature clean spaces, there is no condensation water around the border.

3、The Non-cold bridge partition wall system solves the condensation condensation phenomenon and improves the overall insulation performance of the clean room, prolongs the service life of the plate and reduces the cost of replacing the plate.

4、The ceiling system grid a is not visible in the lower part of the ceiling.

5、The ceiling  can be perfectly connected with other equipment in the clean room.

6、The system ceiling has strong tightness and it is walkable.

7、This product is suitable for clean workshops in low temperature and high humidity environment.

The system ceiling has strong tightness and it is walkable

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High Humidit Non-cold bridge Low Temperature Cleanroom Ceiling System

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