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Each-Low Fan Filter Unit FFU Cleanroom Ceiling System For Electronic Clean Room

The FFU ceiling system is composed of blind panel and aluminum profile hanging parts, including T-shaped joints, cross joints, and L-shaped joints. This product is widely used in high cleanroom workshops such as electronics.

Lead Time: 7-15

Product Orgin: China/Shandong

Shipping Port: Qingdao


Color: RAL 9002

Specification: 600mm*600mm,1200mm*600mm

Panel Material: PPGI

Thickness: 13mm

Core: Aluminium Honey Comb,Plaster

Application: Electronic Cleanroom

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Panel Specification


Panel Material





Aluminium Honey Comb,Plaster


Electronic Cleanroom 


1.A complete set of ceiling materials includes: FFU keel, T joint, cross joint, L joint, square adjuster, hexagon socket screw, T screw, screw, blind plate, etc.

2.The T-bar cross joint can be installed with sprinklers, smoke detectors and wires for lighting lamps, and clean room teardrop lighting can be installed below. FFU ceilings can also be used with FFU fan filter units.

3.FFU ceiling system keel system can be divided into lamp beam keel system and light keel system.

4.The common specifications of the luminaire beam keel system are 600mm*600mm,600mm*1200mm,1200mm*1200mm, and the load capacity is strong. The common specification of the light keel system is 600mm*600mm.

5.The product combination is flexible and can choose a double-layer ceiling structure, or a single-layer ceiling with only the lower FFU keel.

6.Shorten the design, reduce the processing time, shorten the delivery time, the assembly is simple, convenient and fast, and can be customized according to the special FFU size.

6.FFU ceilings are widely used in high clean industry workshops such as electronic clean rooms.

FFU ceilings are widely used in high clean industry workshops

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Each-Low Fan Filter Unit FFU Cleanroom Ceiling System For Electronic Clean Room

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