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High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Cleanroom Door For Hospital

Mar 23,2019 | Blog

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High pressure laminate (HPL) , a unique high pressure laminated core layer. The product can adapt to a variety of needs, mainly used as a laboratory countertop, clean interior decoration, its wear resistance and corrosion resistance is particularly good.

The HPL cleanroom door frame and the door edge of the melamine resin board are made of high-strength 50 mm thick aluminum alloy cutting and assembling angle.The cleanroom door leaf surface is composed of HPL. The overall surface of the door leaf is smooth and smooth, no holes, no dust, easy to clean, and flush with the cleanroom wall panel. Installation, with a pull-down bottom seal to ensure air tightness, used in pharmaceutical, hospital, laboratory and other industries.

High Strength Aluminum HPL Cleanroom Door


900mm*2100mm (single door) 1000mm*2100mm (single door)

1200mm*2100mm (sub-mother door) 1500mm*2100mm (double door) Customized

Door Frame Material

High Strength Aluminum Alloy

Door Frame TCK


Door Leaf Material



Flame Retardant Paper Honeycomb, Aluminum Honeycomb

View Panel

Double glazing, frosted glass

rounded corners, right angles,

(border white and black)


304 SS handle lock, elbow pressure ball lock, safety pressure bar lock

(optional with Gai Ze, An Langjie imported brand locks) can be equipped with electronic interlock


Aluminum Cleaning Special Hinge

Sealing Device

Door sealing strip,Door bottom automatically pressing the sealing strip


1、Aluminum Cleanroom Door facer is made by HPL,smooth, no hole, no dust, easy to clean.

2、The panel filled with flame-retardant paper honeycomb (aluminum honeycomb) with light weight and high strength frame.

3、The hinge can be equipped with Wiskind's patented adjustable clean hinge, beautiful and elegant, no dust, easy to clean, durable, resistant to acid and alkali disinfection, and patented door seam adjustable function.

4、Equipped with drop down bottom seal to ensure the air tightness.

5、All doors with double-glazed toughened glass (size:400mm*600mm) as view window.

6、Application: Cleanrooms for pharmaceuticals, micro-electronics, lab, hospitals, etc.

7、HPL Cleanroom Doors can withstand frequent disinfection by pharmaceutical plants (can withstand general VHP disinfection) and can achieve Class B fire rating.

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