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High-quality Spraying Steel Paper Honeycomb Cleanroom Door For Pharmaceutical Factories

Mar 19,2019 | Blog

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Wiskind Spraying Steel Cleanroom Door is made of high-quality galvanized steel plate (or 304 SS), which is made by integral bending and joint welding. The surface of the clean door is sprayed with smooth surface.he overall surface of the clean door is smooth and smooth, no dust, easy to clean, Customize.

Clean Steel Door Parameters:


900mm*2100mm (single door)             1000mm*2100mm (single door)

1200mm*2100mm (Son-mother door)   1500mm*2100mm (Double swing door) Customized

Door Frame TCK
Galvanized Sheet 1.2mm,1.5mm
Door Leaf TCK

Galvanized Sheet 0.8mm, 1.0mm

Paper Honeycomb, Aluminum Honeycomb
View Panel

Double Glazing, Frosted Glass

Rounded Corners, Right Angles,

(Border White And Black)

Surface Treatment

Electrostatic Resin Powder Coating


304 stainless steel handle lock, elbow pressure ball lock, safety pressure bar lock

(optional with Gai Ze, An Langjie imported brand locks) can be equipped with electronic interlock

304 stainless steel hinge
Sealing device

Door sealing strip,door bottom automatically pressing the sealing strip


1、The steel cleanroom door is made of high-quality galvanized steel sheet, which has high strength and is made of international advanced equipment and automatic machine joint welding. It has beautiful appearance and good air tightness.

2、Surface electrostatic resin powder coating, the overall surface is smooth and smooth, no dust, easy to clean.

3、The door leaf sandwich material is filled with flame retardant paper honeycomb (aluminum honeycomb), the overall light and high structural strength.

Wiskind cleanroom doors widely used in cleaning workshops, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, etc ,it has good performance at outside facer,flat ,high structural strength, corrosion resistance, no dust, easy to clean.The most important is easy installation for your projects .There are three kinds of different material ,such as steel cleanroom doorsAluminum cleanroom doorsstainless steel cleanroom doors for choosing.

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