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High Pressure Laminate(HPL) Cleanroom Door

Mar 14,2019 | Blog

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The HPL clean door for the clean room is a 50 mm TCK structure. The door frame is made of aluminum cutting and splicing. It is flush with the wall panel, dust-free and easy to clean. Our clean room door can be connected to the brick wall. With a pull-down bottom seal to ensure air tightness, mainly used in clean rooms for pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, laboratories, hospitals, etc.

The HPL panels are all made by the American Wilsonart brand, and the quality is stable. To ensure the smoothness of the clean doors, Wiskind offers two types of insulation materials: aluminum honeycomb and paper honeycomb. In all cases, the density of this insulating material is very high to ensure excellent stability of the clean door itself.


1、The door leaf is made up of HPL. The 50mm TCK door frame is flush with the wall panel. The overall surface of the door leaf is smooth and smooth.

2、If our clean room door can be connected to the brick wall (note: if the brick wall thickness exceeds 50 mm (for example: 100, 150 mm), please let us know in advance)

3、The panel filled with flame-retardant paper honeycomb (aluminum honeycomb) with light weight and high strength frame.

4、Double-glazed tempered glass (size: 400mm * 600mm) is used as the observation window for all doors.Application: Clean room for pharmaceutical, microelectronics, laboratory, hospital, etc.

5、HPL Cleanroom Doors can withstand frequent disinfection by pharmaceutical plants (can withstand general VHP disinfection) and can achieve Class B fire rating.


900mm*2100mm (single-leaf),1000mm*2100mm (single-leaf)

1200mm*2100mm(Son-mother),1500mm*2100mm double-leaf)

Door Frame Material

High Strength Aluminum Alloy

Door Frame Thickness



Flame Retardant Paper Honeycomb, Aluminum Honeycomb

View Panel

Double glazing, frosted glass, rounded corners, right angles, (border white and black)


Aluminum Cleaning Special Hinge

Sealing Device

Door sealing strip and door bottom automatically pressing the sealing strip

Wiskind colours

In Wiskind we are certain that product quality is the cornerstone and strength behind our work.

Quality is not always synonymous of speed, and this led us to create a range of standard colours, for which we can guarantee reduced delivery times.

The colour of the reproduced images may be slightly different from the original.

Do not hesitate to request a real sample to verify the exact colour, structure and finish.

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