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Modular Pharmaceutical Hollow Cleanroom Wall Panels With Individually Removable

Mar 12,2019 | Blog

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Among the standards for clean room construction acceptance, 4.3.4 Article 7 is written to the metal cleanroom panel and should not be opened at the site. All kinds of holes on the panel should be cut and squared, and the edges should be evenly sealed. Apply sealing glue to the cutting edge of the filling material.

Currently existing problems:

1. It is difficult to be modularized, standardized and serialized during the construction process;

2. On-site cutting phenomena such as wire boxes, lamp sockets, and tuyères are common;

3. On-site cutting leads to problems such as low structural strength, easy contamination, slow installation efficiency, long construction period, poor aesthetics, and risk of secondary pollution.

Wiskind customized convenient hollow cleanroom wall panel system can be cut directly in the factory, the hole is reserved, the built-in keel is built, the site is installed, the appearance is convenient and fast, and the product is applied to the clean room vent, lamp mouth, equipment mouth, etc., to prevent the opening of the site twice.

Pollution, the factory can be customized, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, electronic clean room and so on.

Hollow wall panel system parameters:

Max Length
Wall TCK
Steel Facer TCK
Outer Plate Material
PPGI,Al-mg-Mn Alloy steel,SS steel,Ti-Zn Steel,HPL,VCM
Core Material
PU,Rockwool,Magnesium ,Paper Honey Comb,Aluminium Honey Comb,Plaster,EPS, etc.
Frame TCK
Pharmaceutical Clean RoomElectronic Clean Room,Food Rlean Room,etc.


1、Factory accepts customization the customized convenient hollow cleanroom wall panel system with a maximum opening size of 1000mm*2000mm.

2、The hollow cleanroom wall panel system adopts international advanced equipment, the error is less than 0.2mm, and the hole is beautiful and generous.

3、The product is applied to clean room vents, lamp sockets, equipment ports, etc. The surrounding aluminum keel is strengthened and the quality is stable.

4、The hollow cleanroom wall panel system has been applied to many engineering cases and won the praise of customers.

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