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How to Choose Cleanroom Building Decoration Materials?

Apr 18,2020 | Blog

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COVID-19 has swept through, bringing serious life and economic pressures to people, affecting batches of batches of pharmaceutical companies to continuously develop new vaccines. At the same time, a large number of hospitals and isolation rooms were built, but the With the continuous development, the decorative materials used in the cleanroom have also been replaced with dust-proof and cleanroom panels from the original reinforced concrete, but how to choose cleanroom materials has also become particularly important.

Cleanroom Panel System

Wiskind conforms to the development of the times, according to the current specifications of cleanroom workshop design, economic and reasonable, safe application, ensure quality, meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, provide a variety of cleanroom enclosure materials and related cleanroom equipment, not only meet GMP requirements, obtain CE Certification, while the modular structure also improves installation efficiency and safety.

Modular Cleanroom System

The importance of cleanroom architectural decoration is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. The cleanroom requires that the material does not produce dust, the structure does not accumulate dust, and the seal is tight and impervious to dust, so the decorative materials of the cleanroom will directly affect the cleanroom level. The cleanroom material meets the requirements of heat preservation, heat insulation, fire prevention and moisture resistance; the surface is smooth and smooth, without cracks, tight interface, no falling off of particles, resistant to cleaning and disinfection.

2. When the paint layer is used for the cleanroom wall panels and cleanroom ceiling panel, the materials that are corrosion-resistant, clean-resistant, smooth and mildew-resistant are used.

3. Reliable sealing measures shall be taken for the structure and construction gaps of cleanroom doors, windows, walls, ceilings, and floor (floor) surfaces.


Different cleanrooms also need to consider different personal needs when choosing interior decoration materials:

1. Cleanroom usually need to be wiped frequently. In addition to wiping with water, wipe with disinfectant, alcohol, other solvents, etc. These liquids usually have a certain chemical nature, which will cause some materials to discolor and fall off. The surface of the cleanroom panel has certain chemical resistance.

2. Biological cleanrooms such as operating rooms are usually equipped with trioxygen O3 generators for the purpose of sterilization. O3 (i.e. ozone) is a strong oxidizing gas, which will accelerate the oxidative corrosion of objects, especially metals in the environment, and will also cause the general coating surface to fade and change color due to oxidation. Therefore, such a cleanroom requires that its decorative materials have good oxidation resistance and will not produce rust.


Endure® is mainly suitable for clean room enclosures under the environment of VHP (Vaporize Hydrogen Peroxide) disinfection, panel disinfection, and new Jieer (Benzalkonium Bromide) cleaning environment in clean room B areas such as biological products and blood products.Its unique properties include Excellent weatherability, excellent mechanical properties, ductility, and resistance to a wide range of chemicals, solvents and colorants.

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