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What are the Advantages of Modular Container Houses?

Apr 27,2020 | Blog

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From the spring of 2003 to the Spring Festival of 2019, China experienced two undefeated wars. If the medical personnel are fighters in these two wars, Modular container houses have built trenches to ensure victory in the two wars.

In these two wars, the most famous are the Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital in 2003 and the Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital in 2019. The two hospitals are both emergency infectious disease hospitals, and they were built in a very short period of time, but the construction of the two hospitals also demonstrates the transformation and development of Wiskind's prefabricated building technology.

Modular Coutainer Houses

Modular container house is a movable and reusable building product. Its unit module is mainly composed of box top, box bottom, upright, wall, door and window accessories. It adopts modular design and factory production, and uses the box as the basic unit. It can be used alone, or it can form a spacious use space through different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions. The vertical direction can be laminated.

Modular container houses are generally used for temporary houses, field work houses or emergency houses. For example, real estate development company sales exhibition halls, product sales exhibition halls, temporary reception centers, commercial temporary offices, shops, etc., resort hotels, restaurants, exhibition halls, art centers, etc. in tourist cities, office, accommodation, conferences of construction site project managers Office, field exploration and construction mobile office, dormitory, etc., military mobile command center, emergency mobile command center, disaster relief mobile command center, etc. The main structural forms of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital and Raytheon Mountain Hospital, the hospitals that are currently in use to specially treat patients to fight against the new crown epidemic, are on-site assembly of box-type rooms with container movable panels.

What are the advantages of Modular container houses?

Steel structure modular container houses have five outstanding advantages, which are very suitable as emergency rooms for hospitals or temporary products:

1. It is convenient to transport, prefabricated and produced each component directly in the factory, and it can be directly assembled on site, convenient for disassembly and assembly.

The building components are standardized in design, and the products are in plate packaging, which is convenient for transportation and saves space. The box unit structure is a standard member welded with special steel, and the boxes are connected by bolts, and the structure is simple. Because the accuracy of the components is ensured, on-site installation can be fast and precise. The house can be recycled and can be disassembled and reassembled at will, saving energy and protecting the environment. The box house sent to Wuhan in this epidemic is divided into separate parts for easy transportation. It is assembled at the Wuhan construction site according to the drawings, and 4 workers can build a box house unit in 2 hours.

Steel Structure Modular Coutainer Houses

2. Sturdy and durable, strong resistance to earthquake and deformation

The steel as the structure has good ductility, strong plastic deformation ability, and is a green environmental protection material. It has high strength, low self-weight, and good seismic performance. The service life can reach more than 20 years.

3. With heat insulation, moisture proof, waterproof and other properties, and good sealing performance, strict manufacturing process makes it well used in infectious disease hospitals and other fields

Box-type houses transported in short distances can be transported as a whole. Doors, windows, wiring, ceilings, etc. have been shipped from the factory. Air conditioning, electricity, lighting, tables and chairs can be built in. The interior of the house meets the complete decoration standards. , Available immediately.

4. The movable room is based on the standard steel chassis, and the layout is flexible, which can derive many combined spaces.

The modular house has flexible space division. In addition to the horizontal and vertical connection, it can also be placed on top of each other, and a roof platform can be set. The internal space after connection can also be flexibly equipped with indoor partitions and partition walls.

It is precisely with the above characteristics, in this battle of the new crown epidemic, the steel structure box house has become the first choice for the construction of most emergency infectious disease hospitals in China.

Wiskind Modular Coutainer Houses

In addition, the box house can be industrialized, easy to control costs, and effectively improve building quality, construction is not affected by the season, and there is little construction waste on the construction site, which meets China's development requirements for green buildings. It has also become one of the reasons for its increasing attention.

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