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What is Two-way Open Anti-collision Free Door?

May 06,2020 | Blog

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Free door is also called anti-collision Free door. It usually solves the door solution for food workshop, central kitchen, electronic workshop and hospital passage, which can be opened in two directions. Using the principle of eccentric shaft and the principle of self-repetitive positioning, the door can be fully closed automatically after the door or the vehicle passes by the self-weight of the door, which improves work efficiency.

The free anti-collision door frame produced by Wiskind has various styles and can be connected to civil walls and cleanroom panels. Corrosion resistance, easy to clean, and long service life make it widely used in various fields.

Anti-collision Free Door


1. Improve work efficiency

The anti-collision free door allows people or objects to pass quickly, greatly simplifying the series of actions to stop, open, pass, and then close the door to be done by the traditional single door, thereby greatly improving work efficiency. The free door can be freely opened in two directions by hand pushing, trolley or even the impact of a forklift, and then automatically closed when a person or object passes.

2. Divide space, reduce noise and maintain environmental hygiene

The anti-collision free door can be used between the sales area and the storage room, between the food processing area and the cold storage area, between the office area and the warehouse, between the dining area and the kitchen, and any area that needs to be divided to block the noise of the work and maintain the environmental hygiene Occasions.

3. Save daily expenses

Traditional electric and pneumatic doors are complicated to install and expensive to maintain and repair. In contrast, free doors do not require electricity, are simple and quick to install, and easy to maintain and repair. At the same time, the free door can effectively control the flow of moisture and dust between different areas. The rapid and automatic closing feature also allows the free gate to limit energy loss to a minimum.

Two-way Open Anti-collision Free Door



Single Door


Double Door


Door Leaf Thickness


Fill in

Aluminum Honeycomb



Single layer and double layer plexiglass, right angle and rounded corner are optional

Crash Plate


Using special synthetic engineering materials to spin cast, with good impact resistance and durability


E-shaped Hinge

Sealing Means

Sealing Strip Around Door


1. The stainless steel free door conforms to the hygiene standards of the food industry. The front and back sides are made of 304 stainless steel plates that are acid and alkali resistant. The interlayer wood has been specially treated to make the door anti-corrosive and moisture-proof.

2. The core material is aluminum honeycomb, waterproof and light weight.

3. The curved rubber plate has the anti-collision function, and the staff can drive the forklift or push the small cart to directly hit the door to open it, making the entry and exit extremely convenient.

4. The door axis of the free door adopts an eccentric shaft design, so that the door tilts in the direction of the center axis of the door axis, thereby generating a component force opposite to the door opening direction to gently reset the door automatically, without worrying about the rebound impact of the door. The door shaft is an eccentric shaft design, so that the free door has the characteristics of concealing the door at the front and back sides. But traditional wooden doors, aluminum alloy doors and other types of doors do not have this feature.

5. Unique hinge design, combined with superior mechanical properties, resulting in greatly reduced mechanical wear, so that the door can be opened and closed more than 50,000 times (without stopping).

6. A good sealing device has the functions of preventing insects, dust, wind and odor, so as to achieve the effect of improving environmental hygiene.

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