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I want to be safe, I want to be better-2020 Wiskind Safety Month

Jun 04,2020 | Company News

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June is the national safety production month every year. This safety month takes the theme of "eliminating hidden dangers of accidents and building a safe line of defense", and carries out a series of online and offline multiple forms (entering enterprises, entering workshops, entering construction sites), and multiple levels of safety At the same time as the Safety Month, the "Safe Production Miles" activity is launched at the same time. The entire Safety Month activity cycle will continue until the end of the year.

The main safety activities are:

1. Precautions

Originating from the need for the in-depth development of the safety dual prevention system, Wiskind is currently carrying out "pre-prevention activities" in line with the safety month and "safety travel" activities, and takes the company's "pre-prevention activities" as the first content of the safety month activities The main safety management activities will be implemented in the next six months. The activities mainly include dual-system verification, hidden trouble tracing, symptom reporting, and hidden trouble eradication.

2. "Hidden Trouble Shooting"

The company mobilizes employees to find the unsafe behavior around them and uploads the "Wiskind Safe Production Month" nail group, so that instant shooting and instant messaging can be posted on the office platform after sorting and sorting. At that time, the judges will be organized to evaluate the hidden safety hazards. Excellent individuals give generous rewards to improve the safety awareness and ability of all employees.

3. Emergency Drill

In order to make the emergency drill activities more realistic and closer to the actual situation, the company takes no notice of the relevant personnel in advance, no time, no place, no set limits in advance for the on-site disposal of the emergency drill, direct on-site surprise organization, and direct test of the trueness of the workshop staff The integrity of the reaction and processing flow.

4. Warning Education Red Line Activity

Organize a safety warning education and training activity for all production personnel, and establish a safety red line consciousness consistent with the company's safety philosophy "I want safety, I want better".

5. Remember the Standard Red Line Activity

In order to create a more active safety month activity atmosphere, enhance and build up the safety red line awareness of all employees, master the safety operation skills of this position, organize a round of safety standard activation activities in each workshop, activity form: conduct safety issues Questions, according to the answer to issue activity papers to win event prizes.

6. Impart Safety Knowledge

In order to enhance the safety management awareness and management skills of the management personnel, in cooperation with the holding human resources department, Cao Xianlong, a well-known domestic safety management lecturer, was invited to give a lecture to the company's production management personnel and full-time safety management personnel for a professional safety management training to improve management Awareness of the safety of the person.

7. Safe and Civilized Construction Activities

In order to comprehensively improve the engineering construction safety management, improve the site safety management level, exchange construction safety management experience, reduce construction safety hidden dangers, organize various production and project managers to visit the benchmark construction site for visits and exchanges, organize the on-site construction site construction hidden danger investigation activities, invite Experienced managers go to the construction site to carry out inspections and urge site rectification to ensure safe and civilized construction.

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