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Wiskind Participated in Product Testing Skills Competition and Won

Jun 30,2020 | Company News

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On May 28, Boxing County Comprehensive Inspection and Testing Center, together with the County Federation of Trade Unions, the County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the County Market Supervision Administration, jointly held the first product testing skills competition in Boxing County. The event was held at the County Comprehensive Inspection and Testing Center. Wiskind sent six professional players to form two teams to participate in the competition.

A total of 43 contestants participated in the competition, covering categories such as food, metal materials, chemicals, and market supervision. The six Wiskind players were calm, careful and meticulous during the competition, showing a good competition style and a high level of competition. After a day of intense competition, Wiskind employees won the third place in the skill competition.

By participating in the county's product testing skills competition, internally, the internal employees' testing capabilities and competitive qualities are enhanced, and the company's good employee image and strong knowledge reserve are displayed to the outside to make Wiskind brand construction and enterprise high-quality development Contributed.

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