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Wiskind Cleanroom Start C-TQM Conference

Jul 04,2020 | Company News

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Quality is the decisive battlefield for enterprises to compete in the future. In Q (quality), C (cost), D (delivery), and S (service), there is fierce competition in all aspects. How to achieve a zero-defect quality commitment and customer satisfaction is every enterprise’s Challenges and tasks that must be addressed, Wiskind Cleanroom has implemented the C-TQC total quality control system since 2017. After three years of precipitation and accumulation, it has been upgraded to a C-TQM total quality management system with data as the core, process driven, and full participation.

On June 30, 2020, the wiskind cleanroom C-TQM project kick-off meeting was held at the headquarters.

TQM promotes the process, through the quality control of "full staff, full range, full process", with advanced management tools to improve the "quality of things, the quality of things, the quality of people, the quality of the environment" as a means, and ultimately achieve "product zero The business goal of "zero defect quality complaints".

The general manager of Wiskind Cleanroom made a summary and requirements for the establishment of C-TQM comprehensive quality management system.

"To be the Trustworthiest Global Enterprise in the Cleanroom System Area" is our vision. The basis of customer trust is product quality. We should fully understand the role and impact of quality on the development of the enterprise, solve quality problems from the source and standards, and ensure the smooth implementation of the comprehensive quality management system.

For this we determine the company's quality policy:

1. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products, services and solutions.

2. We bear in mind that quality is the reason why customers choose us.

3. We respect process planning, give full play to the potential of all employees, and continue to improve.

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