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Long Medium Aluminum Double Cleanroom Windows For Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Feb 15,2019 | Blog

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In the production process of clean windows, due to the difference in temperature difference, humidity and sealing treatment, the produced window will have corresponding problems during use, such as fogging. After a long period of use, the clean windows of most of the market will have different degrees of fog, affecting the window effect and use.

Wiskind Clean Window:

1、Wiskind's double cleanroom windows are produced in a dry, thermostatically controlled environment with black borders (white edges);

2、Aluminum alloy reinforced keel invention patent, group angle sealing treatment, the whole interior uses soft butyl rubber, external structural sealant, double seal;

3、Internal hollow treatment, built-in desiccant, can be filled with argon gas, strengthen the internal drying effect, prevent condensation inside the window under the environment of high humidity and temperature difference;

4、It is flush with the clean board, beautiful and easy to clean.

Wiskind Clean Window Parameters:

Glass:Double Glass For Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Window Frame: Aluminum Alloy

Fill in: Hollow,Argon

Frame Shape: Round,L Shape

Window tck: 50mm,75mm,100mm

Side Color: White,Black

Shandong Wish Wiskind Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in clean room enclosure system engineering, ceiling system, various types of doors and windows and related equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales, consulting and service, relying on Wiskind's research and development for more than 40 years. The integration of experience and resource advantages has led the industry to develop continuously. Now it has become the most professional clean room enclosure service provider, the advocate and practitioner of modular clean room and the largest intelligent manufacturer of cleanroom panel in China.

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