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WISKIND Aluminium Honeycomb Non-cold Bridge Cleanroom Partition Wall Panel

Feb 13,2019 | Blog

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The purification board is a composite board made of colored coated steel sheets according to different core materials. The four sides of the board are reinforced and sealed by edge sealing. The production workshop is closed by using the purification board, and other systems can be used to ensure a certain cleanliness. Degree of space to meet the processing quality of different industries such as food, medicine, electronics and other products.

At present, the four sides of the purifying sheet are mainly formed by inserting four galvanized keels through the corners. In the low temperature clean processing workshop or the cold season, the condensation of the clean wallboard is prone to condensation.

Based on the above reasons, Shandong Wish Wiskind Clean Technology Co., Ltd. invented the broken bridge keel and heat insulation keel, and produced the broken bridge keel through a special equipment. The keel is connected by high-strength ABS corners, so that the frame forms an overall structural strength. Influence, and in some low-temperature clean space, there is no condensation water around the border, which increases the service life of the board and improves the overall appearance.

Unique advantages:

1、The system solves the problem of cold bridge in the clean workshop and improves the overall thermal insulation of the clean workshop;

2、Extend the service life of the purification board, reduce the cost of replacing the purification board, and cost-effective;

3、This product is more suitable for clean workshops in low temperature and high humidity environments.

Product parameters:

Regular width:980mm,1180mm

Specification length:2400mm,3000mm(The fixed length board needs to consider the cutting cost of the keel)

Wall thickness:50mm

Panel thickness:0.4-0.8mm

Outer plate material:PPGI,Al-mg-Mn Alloy steel,SS steel,Ti-Zn steel,HPL,VCM

Surface coating:PE,PVDF,HDP

Core:PU,Plaster,Rock Wool,Magnesium Board,Paper Honey Comb,Aluminium Honey Comb,EPS,etc.

Keel thickness:1.0mm,pvc:2.0mm

Applicable place:Clean workshop in low temperature and high humidity environment

Remarks:This type is tracked by the Clean Technology Department and the size is subject to the technical department.

Application range:

1、Clean room partition wall purification board

2、Clean room ceiling cleaning panel

Shandong wiskind steel building stock Co., Ltd. was founded in 1970s, focusing on the development and manufacture of metal roof&wall systems. Shandong wish wiskind cleanroom Technology Co., Ltd. is a sub-branch of wiskind group to expand the cleanroom industry market. The company specializing in R & D, manufacturing and sales of cleanroom system, cleanroom ceiling system, all kinds of doors and windows and related equipment .

Base on more than 40 years of R & D experience and integration of resource advantages of Wiskind group, leading the continuous development of metal industry, Wiskind cleanroom technology have become the most professional cleanroom system service provider,advocates and practitioners of modular cleanrooms and the largest intelligent manufacturer of cleanroom board in China.

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