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Wiskind Cleanroom Steel Door

Jan 21,2019 | Blog

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Wiskind's cleanroom steel door adopts advanced production equipment and technology. The shearing, forming and bending of the base steel plate are all imported from Italy and the United States to ensure the precision of the production and processing of the steel plate substrate. The welding is performed by the automatic robot arm. The treatment ensures the structural strength of the welded joint, and finally ensures that the cleaned steel door has excellent dimensional accuracy and excellent structural strength, reduces the door size deviation, the door gap is uneven, the door leaf is drooping, and the door structure is easily deformed. Wait a series of questions.

For the steel plate substrate, the non-plated galvanized sheet produced by well-known domestic manufacturers (Baosteel, Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.), the galvanizing amount of the sheet is not less than 80 g/square (the high-end clean steel door is made of electrolytic galvanized sheet), and the sheet is flat. High degree, small thickness tolerance of the plate, not easy to rust, even if the surface of the paint is forcibly damaged by external force, there is galvanized layer to protect it, and it has more protection than traditional cold-rolled plate. It can be used in the long-term disinfection and sterilization industry in pharmaceutical and medical fields. Used internally.

The whole surface of the cleanroom door is sprayed with electrostatic resin powder. The thickness of the paint surface is not less than 70um micron grade paint surface. The steel plate substrate is passivated before spraying. The paint surface has stronger adhesion and durability. It is better than general paint and has high temperature resistance. It is resistant to general disinfection and is more suitable for long-term use in the pharmaceutical industry and other industries that require frequent cleaning and disinfection.

As a whole, the main body is made of two 1.0mm galvanized sheetings with integral flanged cover. The joint is welded by mechanical arm (aerospace and automotive industry welding standard). The whole door frame is bent and formed by 1.5mm thick galvanized sheet. The whole body and group angle welding are all processed by automatic mechanical arm welding (aerospace, automotive industry welding standard), the welding is stable and reliable, no welding, no welding, large frame strength, stable structure, not easy to twist, deformation.

The upper window of the door is made of double-layer 5mm ultra-white tempered glass. The whole window and the door leaf are completely flush, seamless, beautiful and elegant. It is more convenient to clean and disinfect. It is produced in a dry and constant temperature control environment. The surrounding is completely sealed and the built-in desiccant is added. Enhance the internal drying effect.

The integral automatic pressing door bottom sealing strip is designed according to GMP requirements. After the door is closed, the sealing strip is automatically lowered to strengthen the overall airtightness of the door. The sealing strip is made of silicone rubber, which has good durability and is harmless to the human body.

payable detachable stainless steel hinges, one hinge more than the traditional door, can effectively prevent the door from sagging after long-term use, better durability, better overall strength, detachable design and convenient on-site installation and maintenance.

The door sill is installed on the upper part of the door frame and the upper part of the door body to facilitate the installation of the door closer in the later stage. The lock body protection box is arranged on the periphery of the door lock body to strengthen the structural strength of the door lock and ensure the tightness of the installation lock. The inner core of the door leaf leaks and contaminates the clean area through the lock seam.

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