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M3 Corrugated Metal Wall Panels With Hidden Screws


Thickness 0.4-0.6mm

Material: Color-coated sheet, stainless steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet

Length: 350mm

Raw material width: 498mm

Color: Customed

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1 Product Parameters:

Name of Product


Raw material width(mm)









Color-coated sheet, stainless steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet

2 Product Characteristics:

The raw materials are commonly used 0.53mm thick, 350MPa strength aluminum-zinc color-coated steel plate
Material width: 498
Processing thickness: 0.4-0.6
Processing material: color-coated plate, stainless steel, aluminum-zinc plated.
Wall panels connected to purlins by concealed fasteners can be laid vertically or horizontally.
Hidden snap-fit construction for seamless over-the-top visuals.
Crisp asymmetric trapezoidal wave design with excellent light and shadow effects.
Both strength and beauty, decorative wall panels suitable for various building facade modeling requirements
Suitable for use with sandwich panels.

3 Product Performance:

- The crisp asymmetrical trapezoidal design creates excellent  lighting effects.
- By concealing the buckle and the wall panel connected with the  purlin, it can be laid vertically or horizontally.
- Concealed plug-in structure, and visual effects characterized by  seamless transition.
- A combination of strength and beauty, suitable for decorative wall  panels required different building façade designs.
- Suitable for application with sandwich panels.
- The raw material is the aluminum-zinc coated steel panel, with a  thickness of 0.53mm and a strength of 350MPa.

4 Hidden Fastener Systems:

The concealed fastener single panel façade system is seamlessly connected through  the hidden fastening structure, which not only satisfies the overall visual aesthetics of  the building appearance, but also reduces the stretching or tearing of the fixed parts due  to thermal expansion and contraction, while improving the structural performance and  increasing the weatherability of the system. The special hidden buckle helps prevent  rainwater leakage with supporting details and complete accessories.
The unique and diverse cross-sectional shapes form a very distinctive graceful curve.  With the change of light and shadow, it finally shows a diversified shadow effect. At the  same time, the combination of the single wall panels that which integrate aesthetics,  waterproofness and wind resistance, is able to satisfy the diversified needs of the client.

5 Product Production Process:

6 M3 Corrugated Steel Sheets Cases - interpreting the aesthetics of architectural lines:

--M3 Corrugated Metal Wall Panels Product Cases of Xuzhou Fosun Medical Industrial Park Storage Center

The selection of building structure and materials adheres to the concept of simplicity and sturdiness. The most notable feature is the corrugated board. The strong lines with strong industrial texture create a rhythmic façade shape for the traditional factory building. Architecture has charm because of its details. The asymmetric trapezoidal wave texture forms the rhythmic vertical lines, and the platinum and silver color gives the building a strong metallic texture. The dense vertical lines create light and shadow changes at different moments, echoing the production atmosphere of the industrial park.
M3 Corrugated Metal Wall Panels are staggered, and the lines and surfaces strive to be simple and smooth, pursuing a sense of limited to infinite block surface extension. The dense lines alternate with block surfaces, and the overall feeling is elegant and concise, adding visual layers and details to the facade.
The dense and powerful lines are in sharp contrast with the block surfaces, with a strong sense of layering, rich in details and not monotonous, showing the exquisite taste of the workshop, giving people a stable, low-key and restrained visual experience.

--M3 Corrugated Metal Wall Panels Product Cases of Taishan Zhizao Technology Park C workshop

The lines with extremely industrial texture, sharp and concise, form a sharp contrast with the rounded corners of the building, which makes the workshop add a sense of strength on the basis of softness. The vertical line angles exude architectural sharpness and enhance the upright feel of the workshop. The flexible lines endow the building with a distinct temperament, conveying the power of space full of tension.
The traditional iron-blue-gray band is accompanied by a concise modeling language, and the building's volume sense is shaped by sharp lines. Maximize the use of space lines and exterior wall bases to shape architectural features with flexible curves and textured facades.

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M3 Corrugated Metal Wall Panels With Hidden Screws

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