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K3 Corrugated Metal Sheets With Hidden Screws


Thickness 0.5-0.6mm

Material: Color-coated plate, Aluminum-zinc-magnesium steel plate

Length: 360mm

Raw material width: 600mm

Color: Customed

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1 Product Parameters:

Name of Product


Raw material width(mm)









Color-coated plate, Aluminum-zinc-magnesium steel plate

2 Product Characteristics:

K3 Product Details

-The beautiful curves, in combination with the polyline and trough,  create a remarkable contrasting effect between light and dark  lines.
-The unique texture of the horizontally paved single panel, and the  concealed plug-in structure, create a seamless transition visual  effect.
-The texture of the horizontally paved wall is parallel to the eyes,  which complies with ergonomics with visual comfort.
-Suitable for use with sandwich panels.
-The crisp and exquisite vertical seams are separated to make the  building façade more impressive.
-Suitable for façades without external gutters, and parapets with  flat tops.
-The raw material is the aluminum-zinc coated steel panel, with a  thickness of 0.53mm and a strength of 300MPa.

3 Wall System - Comparison of Wall Panel Type Selection:

Comparison of Wall Panel Type Selection









Exposed Screws

Semi-hidden Nails

Hidden Screws

Vertical Structure



Horizontal Structure


Polyline Waveform

Wave Board

Side Lap Exposed

Side Ride Hidden


End Lap






Broken Bridge Performance



Rainproof Performance

Wind Resistance

High Strength Material





Symbol Description:

● —Standard (construction)/Yes/Excellent

○ — option (construction)/good performance

- - Not applicable or not recommended / Average performance

4 Product Production Machines:

K3 Product Production Machines

Systematic, comprehensive, diverse, convenient and other words are the most powerful manifestations of Wiskind's machine group. There are more than 50 tile pressing machines with strong production capacity. The existing products range from roofing, wall, floor deck, The system and comprehensiveness of downpipes, bent plates, special-shaped bending and aluminum-magnesium-manganese special-shaped plates, etc., also have the diversity of raw material strength from ordinary to high-strength, steel plate styles from color plate to galvanized to stainless steel, etc. In addition to the traditional factory area In addition to processing, it is more convenient for construction site ground processing, high-altitude processing, etc. In addition, it is more customized for customers such as wall corrugation and hidden nail lap joint.

5 K3 Project Cases—A Unique Study of Architectural Aesthetics:

K3 Product Project Cases1

--K3 Product Cases of Shandong Ward Machinery Co., Ltd.

With the unique arc-curved panel effect, a rigid and soft architectural symbol is engraved. The graceful arc curve shapes the dense and beautiful organic surface of the building facade, which is smooth, full and full of tension. The powerful fold-line troughs create the building's characteristics of orderly relaxation, rigidity and softness.

K3 Product Project Cases2

With a simple and pure curved surface, the folded line and trough refract the curved and straight changes along with the curved surface, and the horizontal and vertical paving are blended.
The iron-green and gray vertical color blocks jumped in the huge white and gray horizontal tiles, playing a contrasting song between horizontal tiles and vertical tiles.
K3 Product Project Cases3

--K3 Product Cases of Equipment enclosure in Zhenjiang plant

In the design of the equipment enclosure of the Zhenjiang plant, pure white and dreamy blue and purple are alternately distributed, along with the transparent metal texture of K3, the jumping stitching makes the hard K3 full of vitality and emotion, interpreting elegance And mysterious charm.

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K3 Corrugated Metal Sheets With Hidden Screws

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