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M2 Corrugated Wall Panels With Hidden Screws


Thickness 0.5-0.6mm

Material: 0.53mm thick, 300 or 350MPa strength galvanized color-coated steel plate

Length: 500mm

Raw material width: 312mm

Color: Customed

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1 Product Parameters:

Name of Product


Raw material width(mm)









0.53mm thick, 300 or 350MPa strength galvanized color-coated steel plate

2 Product Characteristics:

M2 Product Details

-The elegant M-shaped curve combines smoothness and strength.
-For horizontal panels with hidden fasteners, self-cleaning coated steel panels are recommended.
-The male and female joint structure creates a smooth surface effect.
-The horizontally paved wall is parallel to the eyes, which complies with ergonomics with visual comfort.
-The crisp and exquisite vertical seams are separated to make the building façade more impressive.
-Suitable for large-area building facades without external gutters.
-The raw material is the aluminum-zinc coated steel panel, with a thickness of 0.53mm and a strength of 300/350MPa.

3 Wall Systems of Wiskind

Wall Systems of Wiskind

4 Product Production Machines:

M2 Product Production Machines

1. Fully automatic computer control, variable frequency stepless speed regulation, hydraulic forming die scissors cutting.
2. The plate is fed by the unloading rack, and enters the host machine to be rolled and formed through the host guide device. There is a rotary encoder to measure the length, and its pulse signal is fed back to the computer board, and then the computer controls the main motor.
5 M2 Project Cases-Continuous and Rhythmic Visual Surface

M2 Product Project Cases1

--M2 Product Cases of FAW Jiefang New Energy Light Truck Base

The facade of the building wrapped in silver wave-shaped veneer shows the unique temperament of modern industrial buildings, makes full use of a complete building volume to display the new corporate image, and redefines the mixed and diverse boundaries of the appearance of industrial plants.
Through the concave and convex shape design of the profiled steel plate, the industrial atmosphere is emphasized, so that the building can be presented in the industrial factory area from an artistic perspective. The silver waves flow, and there are more façade details under the light and shadow. Combined with the external windows, the building façades with varying levels and well-proportioned are created.
M2 Product Project Cases2

--M2 Product Cases of Xiangfen Chengrong Equipment Casting Project

The perfect fit of the interface between the metal plates provides a strong support for the overall expression of the effect of the wall panel. After paving, it presents a wall panel’s expression of the integrity of the façade, which profoundly interprets the continuity of the wall panel texture. . With the alternation of wave crests and troughs of the profiled board, the sunlight scattered on the surface of the wallboard produces jumps, flickering and disappearing, and the smooth lines draw people's attention into it. The method reflects the thinking between materials and space, resulting in a contrast between the virtual and the real, full of simple modernity.

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M2 Corrugated Wall Panels With Hidden Screws

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