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VP3 Profiled Metal Wall Cladding With V-Shaped Light And Dark Lines


Thickness 0.5-0.8mm

Material: Color-coated plate, aluminum-zinc-magnesium steel plate

Length: 1000mm

Raw material width: 1200mm

Color: Customed

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1 Product Parameters:

Name of Product


Raw material width(mm)









Color-coated plate, aluminum-zinc-magnesium steel plate

2 Product Characteristics:

VP3 Product Details

(1)The functional and economical anti-cold bridge structure reduces the compression of the insulation cotton at the purlin and boasts a better insulation performance. ,
(2)With a wave height is 35mm, the fastener is located in the shadow of the vertical rib groove. When the viewing angle is less than 40 degrees, the fastener is invisible. 
(3)The V-shaped light and dark lines give the wall a more powerful expression. 
(4)The reflexed lap joint and the cavity waterproof structure provide excellent durability and rainproof performance. 
(5)Fast installation, economical and functional. 
(6)The raw material is the aluminum-zinc coated steel panel, with a thickness of 0.53mm and a strength of 300/350MPa.
3 Corrugated Steel Sheet Product Category:

Corrugated Steel Sheet Product Category

4 Product Production Machines:

VP3 Product Production Machines&lines

1. When the plate goes out of the scissors, when the distance is about 0.6-0.8 meters from the set size, the motor slowly decelerates. When the set size is reached, the motor stops, and the hydraulic cylinder moves and cuts off the plate. When the lower limit is reached, the hydraulic cylinder resets and drives the scissors to reset. , then the machine completes a single-week operation.
How to reduce the damage to the material during the molding process, the shear fracture
2. The production process of forming, cutting, sizing, number of pieces, etc. can be completed at one time.
3. The equipment is lengthened. The surface of the roll is plated with hard chromium, which has high hardness and surface finish, which improves the service life of the roll and prevents the surface of the profiled plate from being scratched.

5 VP3 Project Cases—Interesting Lines:

VP3 Product Project Cases1

Highly textured skin and texture, vivid color impact, modern façade expression... The main tones are rich in visual associations, the active factor of color, stands proudly, and is full of the beauty of details that have been tasted for a long time. The slab shape subtly uses continuous and staggered rhythms to make the entire building surface elegant and agile. It is hoped that through the method of architectural design, the steel plate has its own unique space, and through the combination of composite lines, various facade spaces are created. The interesting lines can let people touch the rhythm of lines, the temperature of life, and enrich people's senses. experience. The strong and weak rhythm in the plate shape is like a symphony in a plane, which is a visual cry.

VP3 Product Project Cases2

In the form of vertical installation, the traditional blue and white color matching but the choice of pressed wall panels endows the building with different ideologies, and the fusion of traditional color matching and current texture becomes an expression of the new artistic conception of the building. The snap-fit lap method is stable and perfectly hides the influence of the interface position on the façade effect. The use of 990 pressed veneer in the form of alternating large wave crests and small wave crests enhances the texture of the wall, making the building extend in more dimensions, which is very dynamic and rhythmic.

VP3 Product Project Cases3

--VP3 Product Cases of Xianghai Standardized Plant and Sodium Sulfate Warehouse Project

Light floats and jumps on the façade, forming undulating linear rhythms through color-sensitive changes.

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VP3 Profiled Metal Wall Cladding With V-Shaped Light And Dark Lines

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