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780S Corrugated Metal Panels With Beautiful Sine Curve


Thickness 0.5-0.8mm

Material: Color-coated plate, aluminum-zinc-magnesium steel plate

Length: 780mm

Raw material width: 1000mm

Color: Customed

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1 Product Parameters:

Name of Product


Raw material width(mm)









Color-coated plate, aluminum-zinc-magnesium steel plate

2 Product Characteristics:

780S Product Details

-The horizontally paved single panel comes with lines that are parallel  to the visual line of both eyes, which complies with ergonomics with  a sense of visual comfort.
-The horizontally paved economical panel comes with exposed  screws and boasts great wind resistance.
-Lap joint at the trough to avoid obvious seams.
-The crisp and exquisite vertical seams are separated to make the  building façade more impressive.
-Suitable for façades without external gutters, and parapets with flat  tops.
-The raw material is the aluminum-zinc coated steel panel, with a  thickness of 0.53mm and a strength of 300MPa.

-Large horizontal wave, simple and convenient installation method, convenient and quick connection. 
-Convenient installation method, the way to achieve the effect.
-Economical horizontal plank type, good performance and wind resistance  overlap at the trough to avoid visible seams.;
-Exquisite vertical seams have wide side edges, making the building façade more atmospheric.
3 Product Raw Materials:
Product Raw Materials

4 Product Production Process:

780S Product Production Process

5 780S Project Cases—Showing The Purest Surface Form:

780S Product Project Cases1

--780S Product Cases of Jinan Luan Food

780S Corrugated Metal Panels is a wave-shaped profiled steel sheets with the same shape corrugated repeatedly. The horizontal paving method enhances the continuity of the entire façade. Combined with the smooth and arc-shaped texture of the board shape itself, it emphasizes an overall feeling, combining decoration and Structure melts into free form, a malleable organic whole.

780S Product Project Cases2

--780S Product Cases of High-end equipment Manufacturing Base of Hebei Tangshan Shanyue Heavy Industry Machinery

The simple and pure curved surface strips the material disguise and expresses the industrial plant in its most primitive form.
The elegant shape and reasonable proportions of the board subtly create a play of light full of reflections.
The colors of the same board can be converted and matched with the composite board. Different display methods make the old factory area interpret a new story.

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780S Corrugated Metal Panels With Beautiful Sine Curve

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