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WP3 Corrugated Cladding Sheets With Over Lap Joint


Thickness 0.53-0.8mm

Material: Color-coated coil, aluminum-zinc-magnesium steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, stainless steel plate

Length: 1030mm

Color: Customed

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1 Product Parameters:

Name of Product









Color-coated coil, aluminum-zinc-magnesium steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, stainless steel plate

2 Product Characteristics:

WP3 Product Details

1,The lap joint between two ribs is provided with a cavity to block water seepage with a great rainproof performance.
2,The 32mm high ribs are matched with large waves of the same width, and the angle between the main rib and the wave trough is as large as 61 degrees, with crisp wall lines and an expressive facade, thus suitable for large-scale buildings.
3,Pre-punched screw hole at the end.The raw material is the aluminum-zinc coated steel panel, with a thickness of 0.53-0.8mm and a strength of 300/350MPa.
4,High-strength material of above 500MPa is available.
5,Fast installation, economical and functional.

3 Product Production Process:

WP3 Product Production Process
4 Product Production Machines:

WP3 Product Production Machines-- Oblique slitting machine

5 WP3 Project Cases—A Steel Symphony of Light And Shadow Changes:

WP3 Product Production Cases

--WP3 Product Cases of Zhangqiu Haitai New Materials Co., Ltd.

The lightweight steel plate is rolled and cold-formed to form a rich concave and convex façade, which glows with different levels of light and shadow changes under the sun, redefining the most original industrial attributes of the building.
The powerful lines and changing depths of the board surface present a sense of flowing rhythm under the steel forging. The front, reverse, horizontal and vertical paving blend with each other, and together they play a steel symphony with varied light and shadow.

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WP3 Corrugated Cladding Sheets With Over Lap Joint

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