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Modular Assembly Cleanroom

May 22,2020 | Blog

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Although the domestic epidemic situation has been curbed to a certain extent, with the start of construction by enterprises in various regions, the production capacity of the original protective masks mainly used for medical and living is stretched again, and the epidemic situation in foreign countries is also in the outbreak stage. Under this circumstance, the gap of masks in the world continues to expand. As China is the largest manufacturer of masks, countries have also hoped to import masks from China. In addition, affected by the epidemic, the habit of hoarding and using masks will continue after the epidemic. Therefore, the global shortage of masks will continue for a long time.

Masks, as a medical device, although the production process is simple, but the production environment must be carried out according to strict standards, that is, the cleanroom level must reach 100,000, the front of the cleanroom must be set up buffer room, dressing room, personnel and materials should be The shower room can only enter after blowing.

Wiskind as a leader in the cleanroom industry, has focused on the production and R & D of high-end cleanrooms for 41 years. Among them, the modular assembled cleanroom is recognized as a new type of high-end cleanroom by domestic and foreign well-known enterprises and institutions. In the wave, the modular cleanroom has become the first choice of many companies. This is the dividend brought by many years of successful case experience and industry reputation. The reason why the modular assembled cleanroom can stand out among many cleanroom manufacturers is thanks to the following Features:

Modular Cleanroom

1. Easy and Fast Installation

Most of the clean room projects have the problem of delay in construction period. The delay of the construction period not only causes the project schedule, project quality to be out of control, but also triggers disputes between all parties in the project construction. More importantly, it will delay the commissioning of the cleanroom, thereby further harming the economy of the enterprise. interest. Compared with the hysteresis and uncontrollability of the cleanroom project in the construction period control, the modular structure of the assembled clean room and the short construction period can effectively avoid these problems. The on-site installation of the assembled clean room can be completed in 3-5 days. In addition, the factory production cycle and the pressure of the order of the mask clean room eruption can only take about 20 days at most, which fully meets the urgent needs of the mask factory under the epidemic situation.

High-end Cleanroom

2. Reusable

Because of its modular structure design features, the assembled clean room can be freely expanded or reduced in size and related configuration facilities according to production requirements, and it is convenient and fast to disassemble and install. The main materials can be reused, and the reusable utilization rate can reach 98%. The assembled clean room plays a great role in enterprise relocation and production expansion, saving enterprise costs and improving production efficiency. The majority of the enterprises that switched to mask production are self-produced and self-sold. After the epidemic, the original production line will be restored. The assembled clean room can be dismantled for other purposes and can continue to be used as a mask workshop. Factory choice More items.

Modular Assembly Cleanroom

3. Reduce Costs

Compared with the brick-concrete structure, one of the biggest advantages of the modular clean room is easy maintenance and repair. You only need to replace a single damaged cleanroom panel to repair the walls of the modular clean room without having to redo the entire structure again.

Wiskind Modular Cleanroom

The modular assembly clean room has accumulated a lot of successful experience, Wiskind provides customers not only a single high-quality product, but a complete set of perfect solutions. In addition, we are also a leading supplier in the domestic pharmaceutical industry and hospitals. For overseas markets, we have exported our products to the United States, Russia, Iraq, UAE, Israel, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Egypt, etc. We are committed to the most influential enterprise in the clean room. If you have a project now, you are welcome to send us an inquiry. We promise to provide the best quality at the best price.

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