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Modular Isolated Medical Container Room Installation

Brand: Wiskind

Product Type: Standardized products, with standardized modular to the container as the basic unit, can be used alone, and horizontal, ertical use of the Union, the maximum height can be three layers.

Monomer Specifications: Length: 6055mm (indoor net size of 5840mm)Width: 2435mm (indoor net size 2220mm) 3000mm (indoor net size 2800mm)Height: 2896mm (indoor net size 2510mm)

Frame: Hot galvanized top and bottom profiles Column connection

Room Insulation: Double layers Glass wool for roof insulation Glass wool for floor insulation

Ceiling: Color steel plate for ceilings

Floor: Environmentally friendly plastic flooring

Wall: Sandwich panels

Corematerials of Wall: Glass wool/ Rock wool/ Polyurethane

Door: Whole set door

Windows: Plastic sliding window

Electrical: Prefabricated circuits

Water Supply: Laying along the wall

Drainage: Draining on the side of the wall

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The sudden epidemic situation poses a severe challenge to the frontline anti-epidemic work, especially the epidemic situation on the Japan Diamond Princess Cruises ship that has attracted worldwide attention.

How can we block contact between people in the fastest time?

How can I ensure that patients are isolated from other passengers when transporting patients with new coronary pneumonia?

How to quickly increase the number of isolation beds and control the propagation speed?

How to accelerate patient reduction?

How to reduce the burden on medical staff?

Facing various problems, Wiskind organized technical staff and units to cooperate with each other, actively respond to green building policies, and jointly developed modular and isolated medical containers.

The container as a whole has the characteristics of modular construction of steel structure, and the advantages of wind and earthquake resistance are obvious. The design meets the national modular building standards. The indicators and material selection meet medical standards. The wall material is cleanroom panel, non-toxic, harmless and formaldehyde-free. High durability, special steel plate coating on the surface can achieve excellent antibacterial performance, and the service life of the material is more than 10 years. The cleanroom door adopts the door dedicated to the medical industry. Its structure is sturdy and durable. All materials and accessories can be standardized and modularized.


1. High factory prefabrication rate, field assembly saves time

2. Integrated house: The building's moisture-proof measures are integrated without blind spots to prevent the breeding of bacteria.

3. Due to the good integrity of the "cage" structure, the damage under earthquake loads is minimal.

4. Use high-quality water-repellent rockwool, Class A fireproof

5.Good sound insulation performance. Sound insulation volume ≥30dB effectively reduces the interference of external noise.

6. More than 90% of the factory prefabrication, the standard error rate of assembly line operation size specification is low, the field work content is small, the construction is fast, the efficiency is improved by 80%.

7. No dust, noise, zero pollution and zero emissions during construction.

At present, modular medical isolation cabins have been put into use in many countries and regions, contributing to the masterpiece of the overall fight against the epidemic prevention and control of people's war, general war, and obstruction war.

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Modular Isolated Medical Container Room Installation

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