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Modular Container House With Sandwich Panel

Brand: Wiskind

Product Type: Standardized products, with standardized modular to the container as the basic unit, can be used alone, and horizontal, ertical use of the Union, the maximum height can be three layers.

Monomer Specifications: Length: 6055mm (indoor net size of 5840mm)Width: 2435mm (indoor net size 2220mm) 3000mm (indoor net size 2800mm)Height: 2896mm (indoor net size 2510mm)

Frame: Hot galvanized top and bottom profiles Column connection

Room Insulation: Double layers Glass wool for roof insulation Glass wool for floor insulation

Ceiling: Color steel plate for ceilings

Floor: Environmentally friendly plastic flooring

Wall: Sandwich panels

Corematerials of Wall: Glass wool/ Rock wool/ Polyurethane

Door: Whole set door

Windows: Plastic sliding window

Electrical: Prefabricated circuits

Water Supply: Laying along the wall

Drainage: Draining on the side of the wall

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Wiskind Modular Container House


Advantages Of Modular Container House

1.High Installation Efficiency

Modular container house is highly prefabricated. It is easy for installation at site
2.Low Transportation Cost

It can be packaged in a system or transported as a whole, saving transportation cost.
3.Highly Integrated

Easy to relocate, and effective use of land.

4.Modular Design

Free modular stacked, high degree of customization.

Product Composition

Wiskind Container House Advantage

1.Professional Modular Container House Planning And Design Capabilities

The designer has a total of 5-6 years of experience in container house design, and can plan a complete box house solution

for customers according to different container house requirements.
2.Excellent Construction Experience

The company has developed container houses for more than 10 years and has rich construction experience; Wiskind container houses have the factory prefabrication, no welding and cutting are required on site, installation is quick, and the construction period is short.

3.Excellent Quality Control

Polyurethane Cold Room Panel

Polyurethane Cold Room Panel

· Unique convex and groove inserting method improves the airtightness of the plate connection.
· The panel is even and stable. The dimensional stability is good.
· High thermal insulation effect, good waterproof effect, eco-friendly.
· Convenient construction, fast installation
Waterproof Rock Wool Sandwich Wall Panel

Waterproof Rock Wool Sandwich Wall Panel

· Wiskind recommends you to select high-quality "waterproof rock wool".

· The hydrophobic rate is not less than 98%, and the panel surface is more stable.
· It does not release corrosive substances, Better waterproof effect.
Galvanized Frame

The structure part is desighed by the 3D3S steel structure software and the PKPM software, which guarantee the safety.The raw

material galvanized steel strips are formed into top frame beams, bottom frame beams, corner posts, etc. by rolling forming

components through computer program. After the parts are polished and welded, they are automatically painted, dried, and assembled

into top and bottom frames. The size of the gutter is increased, the pressure of the drainage pipe is reduced, and the strength of the

top beam is strengthened, so that the wind resistance and seismic performance are superior, and the service life is more than 20 years.

Polyurethane cold room panel
Bao Steel,Yieh Phui Steel,BHP Steel
Bao Steel,Yieh Phui Steel,BHP Steel
Waterproof rock wool sandwich wall panel
Bao Steel,Yieh Phui Steel,BHP Steel
Bao Steel,Yieh Phui Steel,BHP Steel


The company has all kinds of advanced laboratory equipment and implements international standard operating specifications.
Product quality control is divided into five major work modules:raw material inspection, auxiliary material inspection, product inspection, process audit and laboratory inspection, and truly realize seamless quality control throughout the entire process from raw material entering the factory, production substitution, to finished product inspection. Ensure product quality is stable

Wiskind modular container house is based on the standard box as the basic unit. It can be combined in various forms, such as building blocks, horizontally or vertically. The space is flexible and the functions are perfect. It realizes the use of functional replacement and diversified application fields.

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Modular Container House With Sandwich Panel

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