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Several precautions for the installation of high-efficiency air outlets in clean rooms

Nov 16,2020 | Blog

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Whether the installation of the high-efficiency air outlet is in place is directly related to the clean room's cleanliness level, so we should be cautious about every installation detail; Wiskind will explain a few things to pay attention to before installing an efficient air outlet.

1. The first important point before installation is that the size and efficiency requirements of the high-efficiency air supply outlet must meet the clean room design requirements and customer application standards.

2. Before installing the high-efficiency air supply outlet, the products need to be cleaned and cleaned and the clean room must be cleaned in all directions. For example, the dust in the clean air-conditioning system should be cleaned and removed, and the cleaning requirements must be met. There are also interlayers or ceilings. It needs to be cleaned, and the air-conditioning system must be tested for continuous operation for more than 12 hours to clean it again.

3. The safe transportation of high-efficiency air supply outlets must be placed in strict accordance with the direction indicated by the manufacturer's signs. During the transportation process, it must be handled with care and avoid violent vibration and collision.

4. Before installation of the high-efficiency air supply outlet, visual inspection of the air supply outlet packaging is required on site, including whether the filter paper, sealant and frame are damaged; whether the side length, diagonal and thickness dimensions meet the requirements; whether the frame has burrs and rust spots Metal frame); whether there is a product certificate and whether the technical performance meets the design requirements.

5. Carry out high-efficiency air outlet leak detection, check and check whether the leak is qualified. During installation, reasonable adjustment should be made according to the resistance of each air outlet. For unidirectional flow, between the filters on the same air outlet or air supply surface, The difference between the rated resistance of each unit and the average resistance of each unit should be less than 5%. The cleanliness level is equal to and higher than the high-efficiency air supply outlet of the class 100 clean room.

6. The joint between the tuyere flanging of the high-efficiency air supply outlet and the ceiling plate should be sealed in the clean room. Remember that the cracks must be treated strictly. Avoid high-efficiency air supply outlet damage or coating damage. Do not install. Air supply outlet installation and air duct must be connected strictly, and the open end shall be reinforced with plastic film and tape for airtight treatment.

The above precautions are that we must carefully observe, a slight error will directly affect the entire clean room cleanliness standard. After more than 40 years of development, Wiskind has become a professional clean room enclosure system service provider and a driver and innovator of medical environmental solutions and related technical services. It has the world's first cleanroom panels automatic production line with independent intellectual property rights. And the world's leading automated production equipment for cleanroom medical doors and windows. Serving many large-scale system engineering companies at home and abroad, taking a leading edge in the engineering fields of biopharmaceutical, food, electronics and medical industries; CSPC, Qilu Pharmaceutical, Xinhua Pharmaceutical, Yili, Mengniu, Haidilao, Samsung, Foxconn, etc. Enterprises have used the company's clean series products.

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