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How to solve the bulging phenomenon of clean room panels?

Nov 19,2020 | Blog

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As we all know, the biological workshop is a cleanroom with high cleanliness requirements. There are strict control standards for dust particles and microbial levels. The maximum allowable number of suspended particles in cleanroom B areas, such as biological products and blood products, is  0.5µm (micrometer), and planktonic bacteria is 1cfu / m³ (1 colony per cubic meter).

In order to meet these requirements, the biological environment system must be regularly disinfected to control airborne microbial (bacterial and microbial) pollution, and the most commonly used is VHP disinfection. Although VHP is highly effective in sterilization and has no residue, high concentration of H2O2 will cause corrosion on the color Steel Sheet. H2O2 itself is a strong oxidant, and the surface of the corroded color steel sheet will blister.

The reason is that H2O2 penetrates into the middle of the paint coating, decomposes into water and oxygen, and is caused by arching the paint coating under the change of temperature. The use of a thin paint coating with poor denseness and micro-porosity can cause blistering. The blistering is not the corrosion of the steel sheet itself, but the color steel sheet that has lost the protection of the paint coating has a reduced appearance and a greatly reduced service life. What's more serious is that foaming will also lower the level of the entire cleanroom and affect the quality of pharmaceuticals in the production process.

How to solve this problem? Wiskind Endure® cleanroom panel was born.

Compared with the traditional color steel sheet, the Endure® cleanroom panel has a layer of special high-durability PVC on the surface, which is like adding a layer of shield to effectively block the penetration of H2O2 and fundamentally solve the phenomenon of H2O2 corrosive paint blisters.

Through experimental comparison, Endure® steel sheet not only has excellent resistance to H202 corrosion resistance, but also performs well in specific environments such as acid and alkali.

Therefore, in a VHP disinfection environment, choosing the cleanroom panel made of Endure® steel sheet will prevent your cleanroom from the risks and troubles of blistering of color Steel Sheets.

Choose Endure® cleanroom panel, all problems will be solved.

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