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Standardized production and modular assembly of Wiskind clean panels

Jan 04,2019 | Blog

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At present, the clean room industry is developing rapidly in China. The industrial chain of the industry has gradually formed a large-scale upstream production line consisting of special materials and special equipment manufacturers including purification equipment; the middle reaches include clean room design, construction, commissioning and test operation; Microelectronics, optoelectronics, semiconductors, military, biomedical, medical, food, etc. use clean room industries.

With the upgrading of China's industry, global fine processing, enterprise transfer capacity and people's attention to food safety, the industries of downstream customers such as electronics, semiconductor, optoelectronics, bio-pharmaceutical, medical and health, food have been rapidly developed.

Most of the existing clean rooms are implemented according to the traditional technology and construction mode, and there are major deficiencies: poor material standardization, failure to factory, modularization, mass production; long construction period; poor construction safety; low material reuse rate And other issues.

Shandong Wish Wiskind Clean Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional clean room enclosure system product service provider, is committed to becoming an advocate and practitioner of modular clean room. Promote the standardization of clean room engineering construction and engineering construction by realizing the modularization and functional integration of the clean room enclosure system.

After standardization production and modular assembly:

1、More than 80% of materials are reused.

2、70% of construction tasks are prefabricated in the factory.

3、Reduce the dependence of construction on human factors.

4、Improve the production efficiency of clean room materials by more than 15%.

5、The construction period is shortened by 20% to 40%.

6、The environment is more beautiful and more in line with GMP standards.

7、More conducive to the owner to create a better quality product.

Wiskind's purification board manufacturing and technology research and development capabilities are leading domestically, and it is the first to develop the first automated production line in the purification board industry. Up to now, Wiskind has provided purification system products and solutions for many domestic and foreign companies.

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