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Advantages of Wiskind Rockwool Clean Sheet

Jan 02,2019 | Blog

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The rock wool clean panel is composed of a rockwool core material (core material weight: 100-120kg/m3) with a thickness of 0.5mm (PCGI) and a thickness of 50mm (980mm panel width) and a galvanized keel. The surface is smooth and soundproof. Insulation, heat preservation, earthquake resistance, excellent fire performance and so on.

The main material of rock wool clean board is basalt cotton board, basalt, iron ore, bauxite and other main raw materials. After high temperature melting processing, artificial inorganic fiber is added with appropriate amount of binder, which has light weight and small thermal conductivity. Endothermic, non-combustible features.

Rock wool purification board product features:

1、Wide range of applications.

The product can be applied to the factory floor with clean requirements such as pharmaceutical, electronics and food.

2、Good physical and chemical properties.

The steel surface of rock wool purification board product is baking coating or zinc coating, stainless steel plate, so the corrosion resistance is very good; the weight of the plate is 18-20kg/㎡, the core material has fireproof insulation (fire resistance limit: 30min), water (≥ 98%) performance; all side joints have flush butt joints, aluminum profiles, excellent product performance, 1.1KN/㎡ flexural load, high strength, impact resistance and shock resistance.

3、Convenient construction and installation.

Can be customized, on-site splicing, easy to install; the clean board can directly open the hole and reserve the line pipe, improve the installation efficiency, and can be disassembled many times, the comprehensive benefits are very significant.

Rock wool clean board advantages:

1、High strengthhigh density rock wool board inside, 4 to 5 times stronger than ordinary rock wool strip.

2、The rock wool clean panel is produced by the world's first clean board automatic production line. Compared with the traditional clean board manual production line, the automatic production line improves production efficiency by 6-8 times and saves time.

3、The rock wool clean panel can be used for reinforcement of the hole and the pipeline box is assembled in the factory in the factory, which effectively reduces the secondary pollution during use, especially in the operating room. more info, visit wiskindcleanroom.com.

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