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The difference between common metal composite plate and clean room panel

Oct 16,2019 | Blog

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With the development of modern science and technology, many fields cannot leave cleanroom product, because of the particularity of use, the production quality requirement of clean room panel is more strict than that of common metal composite plate, relative to the price will be higher, thus determining the use range of cleanroom panel has certain limitations, can not be fully popularized.

For those professional, technical requirements of higher projects, ordinary metal composite plate although cheap, but the quality can not meet the requirements.

Therefore, according to their own needs, reasonable choice of the most appropriate products.

What is a cleanroom panel?

Purify board to call cleanroom panel again, it is the compound board that waits for material to serve as surface material by color tu board, stainless steel.Because of its unique dust, anti - static, anti - bacterial effect.It is widely used in the field of clean engineering, which has strict requirements on indoor environment, such as electronics, pharmacy, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research.

Cleanroom panel can be used rock wool, gypsum, glass magnesium, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb core material, color steel plate, galvanized plate, stainless steel, melamine resin board and other ten kinds of surface material, more than 20 kinds of composite board.

Necessity of using clean room wall panel system.

For food, medicine and other industries.The culprit is microorganism, bacteria and other pollutants, and clean workshop clean engineering design can effectively solve the root cause.Clean workshop to create a clean and tidy production environment, to bring health and safety to people.

Clean room panel requirements.

1. The surface of the clean room wall panel and ceiling should meet the requirements of flatness, smoothness, no dust and easy dust removal.The rock wool purification board produced by jing Po xing enterprise is a kind of sandwich structure board with color steel pressing plate as the surface layer and structure rock wool as the core layer, which is compounded by special binder.Belong to the clean board that has extremely strong fireproof effect, but 4 sides are blocked, add between plank strengthen jin, make board face plane more level off, intensity is higher.

2. For the building envelope and interior decoration of the clean room, materials with good air tightness and small deformation under the action of temperature and humidity should be selected.For the low temperature clean processing workshop or cold season, clean wall board sealing edge easy to occur cold condensation phenomenon.

3. Reliable sealing measures shall be taken for the construction and construction gaps of cleanroom doors, Windows, walls, ceiling and ground (floor) surface of the clean room.

4. The floor of the clean room should meet the requirements of flatness, abrasion resistance, easy dust removal and cleaning, not easy to accumulate static electricity, avoid glare, and comfort.

5. The colour appropriate quietly elegant of clean room is downy, making the job can work below comfortable environment.Therefore, according to the nature of the work and environmental requirements, the color matching system of the clean room can match the clean doors and floors with different colors.

The difference between common metal composite plate and clean room panel.


1)General purification panel selection color coating volume surface smooth, no color difference and paint film thickness requirements are higher, often choose Baosteel equivalent grade products as a panel, and cleanroom wall panel two-sided choice of pure flat panel, and the requirements of aseptic, anti-corrosion.

2)General metal composite plate selection of color roll surface smoothness and color difference and other problems do not require high, but the film thickness is relatively low requirements.Civil painted plate is often selected as a panel, composite panel is often reinforced.

2、Core material standard

1) the core material selection requirements of the clean plate are relatively harsh, requiring the plate surface to be flat, evenly placed and the core material flatness requirements are high.Clean board core material conventional selection of rock wool lattice and aluminum honeycomb, paper honeycomb and other core material.

2) the core material of metal composite board is usually rock wool and glass silk wool to achieve the effect of fire prevention and insulation.

3、Surface differentiation

1)Clean room panel: clean panel is plain board with neat and beautiful cut edges and no inserts.

2)Metal composite plate: metal composite plate is usually reinforced on the surface, lap gap is not as tight as the clean plate.

Comparison between mechanical sandwich panel and hand-made cleanroom sandwich panel:

1. Machine sandwich panel common steel plate type is single,hand-made sandwich cleanroom panel has 8-9 different types of plate type to meet the needs of different projects.

2. Appearance: the flatness of the mechanism sandwich board and the product insert seam are not as fine as the manual board.

3. Strength: mechanical sandwich panel generally has poor strength, especially rock wool panel. Manual board has cold bending steel plate edge sealing at the edge.

4. Fire prevention: with the continuous improvement of fire control requirements, it is difficult for the mechanical sandwich board to meet the engineering needs. The foam board market is gradually shrinking.

Clean workshop materials in the clean workshop wall, the top plate is made of 50mm TCK sandwich color steel cleanroom panel, its characteristics are beautiful, rigid, good insulation performance, easy to construction.Arc corner, door, window frame wait for general use special oxidation aluminium profile to make the ground to be able to use epoxy from flow level floor or advanced wear-resisting plastic floor, have antistatic requirement, can choose antistatic type.

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