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Wiskind Cleanroom Windows Remain Foggy for 50 Years

Oct 31,2019 | Blog

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As a containment system, clean room panel thermal performance is on the one hand, on the other hand is to cleanroom Windows of the thermal performance, the cleanroom window of the thermal performance is mainly for fog, the traditional hollow glass Windows seldom fog, general requirements and purification clean Windows structure thickness plate thickness is the same, it has a higher strength requirements and condensation prevention performance.

In fact, the root cause of fog is that the water vapor in the air has reached saturation state. When the ambient temperature continues to drop, it will cause the water vapor in the air to condense on the surface of the glass, resulting in condensation, which is commonly known as fog phenomenon.

For insulating glass, the condensation performance is affected by several aspects:

1. Prerequisite for fogging: temperature difference. When the temperature difference on both sides reaches the dew point temperature of the air in the window glass, dew condensation will occur.The temperature difference that we can control is the temperature difference in the installation process, which mainly avoids the installation under the condition of rapid cooling or rapid heating, including the enclosure plate.

2. The other layer of fogging is the humidity of the air in the window. In fact, completely dry air does not exist. To control the humidity, one is to control the water vapor in the air in the composite environment of the window.

Wiskind double clean window

Double layer clean window sealing performance is good, cleanroom wall panel and cleanroom window are in same plane, install agile, beautiful.Can be made according to different wall thickness, especially suitable for 50~100mm thick color steel plate, double layer window, hollow type, moisture-proof type.

Conventional, non-standard, can accept user's special requirements design, suitable for GMP cleanroom pharmaceutical factory, food, biological, electronic factory and other workshops.


1、Production Environment

Professional clean room production environment, temperature and humidity fully automated control, three seal, we fold the edge is currently using the whole arc process, arc position fold smooth transition, so as to ensure no dead corner sealing performance.

2、Production Technology

The patent window keel is adopted, and the air holes are evenly arranged on both sides of the keel.The desiccant reacts with the air in the cleanroom window through the gap on both sides to ensure the anti-fogging performance of the clean window.

3、Shrapnel Installation

The patent design of the shrapnel clip can realize the installation scheme after the window of the clean workshop and the elastic connection of all the four sides, so as to increase the connection strength between the window and the cleanroom wall panel and increase the air tightness.

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