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Wiskind Cleanroom—Chongqing International Pharmaceutical Machinery(CIPM)

Nov 11,2019 | Blog

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The 58th national pharmaceutical machinery exposition (autumn 2019) and China international pharmaceutical machinery exposition (autumn 2019) were held on November 5, 2019 at chongqing international expo center.

Wiskind cleanroom technology stunning appearance in the international pavilion, the new booth image focus global attention.

The new exhibits are interactive

Wiskind master series doors and Windows, Endure, can open Windows and other debut drug machine exhibition.Each product is set up an independent booth for display and explanation by specially-assigned persons, to form zero-distance communication and close interaction with visitors, and to conduct an all-round 360-degree analysis and display of products.

Master series cleanroom steel door: the whole door graphic design, air-tight performance is excellent;The door is equipped with peripheral keel, customized design hinge, large fixed lock structure;GEZE customized stainless steel hand lock, European standard design strong versatility, durable;2 years warranty, lifelong maintenance.

Master series cleanroom Windows: super white tempered glass, very low self-explosion rate, over 91.5% transparency, no color difference;Multi-layer sealing process, excellent air-tight performance;Professional full-length dry air hole keelson design, intelligent canned industrial molecular desiccant, long-term to ensure the purification of the gas inside the window, eliminate the phenomenon of fog;Convenient pop-up word window frame design, can be installed after the design, do not remove the window side board, convenient late to deal with unexpected damage replacement construction, and does not affect the air density around the window.

New open Windows

Wiskind and Dupont jointly launched the new clean resistant plate to withstand VHP disinfection and high temperature and high humidity environment.

Master clean technology chief R & D engineer liu shilin for the overall solution design and construction of the clean plant to do site sharing, attracted many domestic and foreign guests to discuss, exchange, formed a good site interaction, widely recognized.For the further expansion of the clean room enclosure system brand spread to establish a good reputation.

Famous pharmaceutical companies, engineering companies, design institutes and other industry representatives came.Participants from the United States, Canada, India, Pakistan and other countries expressed strong interest in and intention to cooperate with Wiskind clean containment system.

As an exchange platform for the pharmaceutical equipment industry integrating trade and research, the pharmaceutical machinery exhibition embodies a high degree of specialization and internationalization, with exhibits and technologies representing the highest level of the industry.

The introduction of Wiskind's clean room envelope system has helped drive business growth and technological innovation in the industry.

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