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What are the Features of Wiskind Cleanroom Doors?

Nov 12,2019 | Blog

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In a variety of construction projects you will see the application of color steel plate, so you heard of color steel plate cleanroom door? In fact, this is a kind of material after special treatment, cleanroom door color plate and ordinary clean room panel to compare words is not easy to have the generation of bacteria, so in the clean room, operating room or ward and other special occasions will use color plate cleanroom door, so color plate cleanroom door has what kind of characteristics?

01 Convenient installation

Color steel plate activity room light weight, splicing type installation and optional cutting characteristics, determine the activity room installation is simple, can greatly improve efficiency, save time limit.Color steel plate purification door sandwich plate surface material and insulation materials for non-combustible materials, fully able to meet the requirements of the activity room fire code.

02 Endurance

Wiskind master series clean steel door: the whole door graphic design, air-tight performance is excellent;The door is equipped with peripheral keel, customized design hinge, large fixed lock structure;Gaise customized stainless steel hand lock, European standard design strong versatility, durable;2 years warranty, lifelong maintenance.

03 Beautiful

Pressed color steel plate clear line as many as dozens of color, can cooperate with any style activity room building needs, to achieve satisfactory results.

04 Heat insulation

Color steel plate purification door composite board commonly used thermal insulation materials: rock wool, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, etc., low thermal conductivity, so that the mobile house has a good thermal insulation effect.High strength color steel plate using high strength steel plate as the base material (tensile strength 5600kg/cm) plus advanced design and rolling forming.Therefore mobile home has the structural characteristics.

Understand the characteristics of color steel plate cleanroom door, so that you can know what kind of occasion to use this material, so for color steel plate purification door in the choice of quality is also a very important thing, only good quality products can let us can be used for a long time.

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