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Wiskind Cleanroom Steel Doors Product Features

Nov 16,2019 | Blog

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1. Cleanroom Doors Introduction

The cleanroom doors produced by wiskind is mainly divided into cleanroom steel doors(optional color) , 304 stainless steel cleanroom door, aluminum alloy cleanroom doorHPL cleanroom doors, etc.

Wiskind has the world's most advanced laser cutting machine, and equipped with professional designers on the door shape design, diverse forms to meet the needs of different customers personalized.Suitable for hospital ward, operating room, laboratory, food factory, electronics factory and other places with high cleanliness.Seiko manufacturing, from materials and production process, hardware accessories to ensure product quality, so that the service life of the product greatly increased.

After making, installation is formed, exterior effect is: door frame and wall body maintain same plane, more beautiful, rich whole feeling, 3 weeks are installed seal, door body bottom is installed sweep, accord with the use sanitation requirement of each industry.

2. Production Method

The surface of the door plate is made of high-quality non-flowered galvanized board with precise laser cutting, which is formed by stamping, bending and welding of the mold. The welding part is polished and polished with smooth transition, the welding spot is free from burr and false welding, and the surface is treated with electrostatic spraying.Or directly adopt 304 stainless steel after grinding, cutting, folding, bending, polishing processing into one.

Built-in conventional use of high quality flame retardant type paper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb cleanroom door. (note: other fillers can be selected according to the customer.)

One side of the door is equipped with 3 sets of high-strength stainless steel hinges;The bottom is equipped with lifting sweeping strip, one side of the door frame is also equipped with sealing strip can more accord with the requirements of air tightness and high cleanliness.

The observation cleanroom window is designed with tempered glass (the conventional size is 400*600mm). The cracks on the four sides are treated with silica gel, and the cracks are very tight and elegant in appearance.

3. Way to Install

Connect with middle word aluminum connector, then fix with self-tapping screw, seal with special silicone around the door frame, maintain integrity and aesthetics, pay attention to maintain the installation of horizontal and vertical degree.

4.  Another Accessory

Stainless steel hinge, stainless steel lock, lifting sweeping strip, seals, hardware accessories, etc.

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