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Wiskind Cleanroom Doors and Windows Product Introduction

Nov 16,2019 | Blog

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1. About Us

Shandong Wish Wiskind Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in clean room enclosure system engineering, ceiling system, various types of doors and windows and related equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales, consulting and service. It has become the most professional service provider of clean room enclosure system, the advocate and practitioner of modular clean room and the largest intelligent manufacturer of cleanroom panels in China.

The company introduces advanced equipment and production technology from abroad, and has the world's leading automatic production equipment for purifying doors and windows, serving many large-scale system engineering enterprises at home and abroad, in electronic semiconductors, bio-pharmaceuticals, food and medical, aerospace and scientific research, chemical and new Leading industries such as energy and engineering.

The company’s core values is "Sincerity, Excellence and win win", through years of unremitting efforts and persistent pursuit, has been unanimously recognized by customers and society.

2. Our products

The clean room door is divided into four product series according to the material: color steel plate door, steel door, HPL door and stainless steel door core material are generally made of high quality flame retardant paper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb to ensure the strength and flatness of the clean door.

The clean room observation window is available in a variety of forms, including single and double glazing, with right angles and rounded corners. Wiskind clean room observation window integrated structure design, perfect combination with clean wall panel, not only good sealing performance, easy installation, and beautiful appearance, it becomes the highlight of clean room space.

3. Our service

Wiskind has a high-quality professional technical team to provide you with technical design support, program optimization, layout design and optimization, installation guidance and other technical service support. We always have professional technicians at your side to provide you with the best.

Provide timely, face-to-face consultation and services. Regularly carry out customer return visits and open 400-1588-600 national service supervision calls, do a good job in pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service supervision, and listen carefully to customers.

4. Our strength

Wiskind's clean doors and windows project has positioned high-standard products from the beginning of the project, and introduced more than 20 advanced door and window production equipment from the domestic market.From raw materials to high-precision automated production processes, Wiskind is in a leading position in the industry to meet the fierce market demand with first-class product quality.Wiskind has Italy PrimaPower Pumabao - all imported sheet metal production line, with automatic control of the front feed positioning shearing machine, CNC bending machine, and the use of multiple Japanese YASKAWA robotic welding and International advanced aluminum alloy door and window equipment, etc., can use the latest international technology and equipment to ensure product quality, further develop its own advantages, better serve customers and enhance brand image.

Cleanroom Steel Doors

It is made of high-quality galvanized steel plate (or 304 stainless steel plate), which is made by integral bending and joint welding. The surface is electrostatic resin powder sprayed (stainless steel surface frosted). The overall surface is smooth and smooth, no dust and easy to clean. The core material of door leaf is made of flame retardant paper honeycomb (aluminum honeycomb) is filled, and the overall lightness and high structural strength.

The observation window on the door is made of double-layer hollow tempered glass, surrounded by black printed edges (white printed edges). The window on the door is flush with the surface of the door leaf. It is beautiful and easy to clean, and does not fog if the temperature and humidity are different.It will not affect the observation.

Aluminum Profile Cleanroom Doors

The door frame and the edge of door leaf are made of high-strength aluminum alloy cutting and assembling angles. The door leaf surface is composed of color steel plate or melamine grease board. The overall surface of the door leaf is smooth and smooth, no holes, no dust, easy to clean; the core material of door leaf is made of flame retardant paper honeycomb (aluminum honeycomb) is filled, and the overall lightness and high structural strength.

Cleanroom Window

Wiskind uses double-layer ultra-white tempered glass, surrounded by black edges (white edges), aluminum alloy reinforced keel, internal hollow treatment, built-in desiccant, can be filled with argon, eliminate internal fogging, flush with manual board which is beautiful and easy to clean.

Noted: Compared with ordinary tempered glass, ultra-white tempered glass greatly reduces the self-explosion rate, the light transmittance is over 91%, the low light reflectivity, and the color consistency is extremely high.

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