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Wiskind Customizable Frameless Seal Cleanroom Doors For GMP Requirement With ISO9001

Nov 20,2019 | Blog

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Clean door without frame is the cleanroom door that Wiskind develops newly, basically be to cope with door body to be out of shape easily, this cleanroom door does not have door frame, increased pass width dimension, install with cleanroom wall plank flush, more beautiful.

Products Attributes

Single Specification


Double Specification


Door Leaf Material

Galvanized Sheet 1.0mm, 304 Stainless Steel


Paper Honeycomb, Aluminum Honeycomb

Doors Windows

Double Rectangular Sealed Glass


GEZE 304 Stainless Steel Lock


304 Stainless Steel Hinge

Sealing Device

AutomaticBottom Pressure Seal Strip

Frameless cleanroom door is mainly to deal with the door body deformation of this kind of industry problems and proposed solutions, we use the door plate open and close experimental machine for several hundred thousand times of experiments.

In the figure, we have made several data at present. The aluminum alloy door door was 1001,150 times, the aluminum alloy color board door 71223 times, and the new type steel door door with 0.8mm door door had 95,000 times of experiments at 12:00 on July 10, 2019. Through these experiments, we did find many problems.Below to share a brief.

1. the door frame fixing screw loose, resulting in the door frame and cleanroom wall panel connection is not firm.

2. the deformation of the door depends on the door and the frame of its own strength caused by deformation.

3. the quality of the door hardware will also affect the performance of the finished door, through the experiment found that there are some door bottom sweeping strip, will be in the reciprocating door to close the dynamic load, will produce the nut loose.In addition, the lock will produce some wear and pollution.

After the above 3 questions, mastercard came up with clean doors without borders.Door and plate are connected directly, lock we choose GEZE lock, 500,000 times open and close, 2 years clean door warranty, lifelong maintenance service, to avoid all your worries!

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