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The fourth high-level summit of medical purification engineering enterprises was successfully held

Nov 30,2020 | Company News

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At 13:30 pm on November 27, 2020, the "Fourth High-level Summit of Pharmaceutical Purification Engineering Enterprises" was grandly held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Shanghai Hongqiao Xijiao Manor. With the theme of "How to enhance the industry value of medical purification engineering under the new situation", this summit opened a discussion and consultation on the future development trend of cleanrooms.

How the cleanroom industry will change under the “New Situation, New Trend, and New Value” and whether to meet the development needs of the future digital era has become the focus of this summit. This summit invites purification engineering companies in the pharmaceutical industry with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan (or Group) executives and more than 40 specially invited guests participated. It was hosted by the China Medical Equipment Engineering Association and co-organized by the Association's Medical Environmental Engineering Professional Committee.

With the development of modern technology and the continuous deepening of the new round of industrial revolution, digital and intelligent technologies have profoundly changed the production mode and industrial form of the manufacturing industry, especially in the processing and production of high-tech products, how to meet the requirements of processing The requirements of high precision, miniaturization of products, high purity (high quality), and high reliability put forward higher requirements for the cleanroom industry.

At the summit, Mr. Ma Jun, Vice President of Junshi Biosciences, gave an opening speech, expounding the "Development of Clean Room Technology in the Digital Era" for the visitors. With the rapid development of technologies such as the Internet, big data, and informatization, the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises has been elevated to unprecedented heights. Digital transformation is the overall strategy of enterprises. It is necessary to start from the vision and formulate long-term goals and development plans. But this does not mean that digital transformation is just a retreat. On the contrary, in order to achieve long-term goals, digital transformation must start with the implementation of specific tasks. Just as the Long March is the result of accumulated steps, the success of digital transformation also stems from small steps. The accumulation of attempts and small achievements.

Afterwards, Professor Lei Liang from the Chinese Academy of Building Research gave a speech titled "Discussion on the Construction of Biological Cleanrooms in the Post-epidemic Era", which mainly started from the two dimensions of the construction hotspots of biological clean engineering in the safety field and the construction hotspots in the health field. It is pointed out that biosafety issues have become one of the major survival and development threats facing the world and all mankind. We must pay attention to biosafety risks, improve national biosafety defense capabilities, and build high-level biosafety laboratories that meet national requirements.

Mr. Wang Xiaoguang, Chairman of TekMax, brought a wonderful speech on "The Road to Break Through the Bottleneck". He mentioned that the fundamental reason for the current bottleneck in enterprise development is the lack of core competitiveness, and the fundamental point to solve this bottleneck is to return From the perspective of customers, starting from the needs of customers, create a standardized, process-oriented, and intelligent core competitiveness, improve pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales technical service capabilities, and create value for customers. Only companies that satisfy customers can survive and develop.

Jason Wei, Director of Wiskind Technology Center, started from the three aspects of engineering construction factoryization, intelligent delivery, and digitalization, and discussed the "development trend of cleanroom enclosure system" with everyone. As the most trustworthy company in the field of cleanroom enclosure systems, Wiskind aims at the changes and trends in the cleanroom enclosure industry. It optimizes production processes and improves production efficiency through advanced concepts and technologies, digital factory construction, and empowers the clean room industry. Create a win-win situation.

This summit is a feast of ideas for future technological innovation. With more than 40 years of R&D experience and resource advantages integration, Wiskind has gone deep into the market and cultivated the industry. It adheres to customer-centricity and provides intelligent, cleanroom enclosure structures. The development of the digital age brings new impetus and contributes unique value.

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