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Wiskind won the 2020 China Talent Management Mechanism Model Award

Dec 07,2020 | Company News

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On December 4, the 6th Future Talent Management Forum and China Talent Management Model Enterprise Award Ceremony was successfully held in Beijing. Wiskind won the "2020HeRo China Talent Management Mechanism Model Award".

This selection event was jointly organized by Beisen Institute of Talent Management, Renmin University Business School and Harvard Business Review. Compared with previous years, this year's HeRo award-winning company cases focus more on digital transformation empowerment, organizational efficiency improvement, and process transformation and innovation. Therefore, to receive this honor is an affirmation of Wiskind's management work.

Wei Jiajun, Director of Wiskind Organization Development Center, attended the award ceremony as an invited guest. In the era of VUCA, enterprises are facing ever-changing and complex internal and external challenges. This requires us to actively embrace the trend of digital development, constantly innovate talent development and talent management concepts, and continuously activate organizations and empower individuals.

In 2020, various industries are under tremendous development pressure under the epidemic, and we are no exception. However, Wiskind has not stopped its progress, but has worked harder, pursued better, and achieved proud results. In terms of talent mechanism construction, the company continuously strengthens internal and external exchanges and learning, in-depth research and exploration of future talent management methods, in order to respond to demands more efficiently and help the growth and development of outstanding talents in the company.

Being able to share this honor with outstanding companies in various industries in China is a recognition of the efforts made by Wan Wiskind management in the process of digital intelligence advancement. We will also maintain an attitude of continuous learning and digitize the human resource system Keep moving forward.

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