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The grand opening of the CHCC National Hospital Construction Conference Wiskind is here!

Sep 21,2020 | Company News

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Although the coronavirus epidemic in China has stabilized, the world is still severely affected by the epidemic, and the coronavirus still threatens the life and health of all mankind. In the face of the epidemic, the hospital is the defense of life. Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital were completed in just a few days, with high quality and high standards. This is not only a test of the national public health emergency management system, but also a huge challenge to the construction of the basic medical system. The medical staff and hospital builders went against the wind, created the last miracle, and successfully completed the task, which shocked the world with China's speed.

Faced with new challenges and opportunities, the "2020 CHCC National Hospital Construction Conference" arrived as scheduled and set sail at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, China, from September 19th to 21st.

As a driver and innovator of cleanroom enclosure systems, medical environmental solutions and related technical services, Wiskind appeared at the 2020 CHCC National Hospital Construction Conference to show everyone the most advanced medical products and professional and effective solutions.

Wiskind sincerely invites you to visit Booth E16 in Hall 17, to discuss the one-stop professional medical construction solution of "Future Medical and Health Service System Construction", empowering digital and intelligent production, innovating clean medical products, adhering to the concept of green and sustainable, and helping China Development and upgrading under the new situation of hospital construction.

In this exhibition, the appearance of Wiskind attracted the attention of many exhibitors, and booth E16 in Hall 17 was crowded with people. The innovative products independently developed by Wiskind and the professionalism of teamwork have won the recognition and trust of the majority of exhibitors and were well received at the scene.

Wiskind cleanroom panels uses special color-coated steel plate, aluminum alloy plate and other materials as the panel, and is composited with rock wool, glass magnesium board, aluminum honeycomb, etc. as the core material. The product has excellent performance and is suitable for all kinds of cleanroom projects with demanding indoor environments Is an ideal cleanroom enclosure material.

Wiskind medical steel hospital door solution, the door body surface is treated with a special antibacterial coating, which is more suitable for the medical system environment. The door body has multiple colors, which can correspond to different psychological scenes, and can provide high-grade wood grain surface effects. Beautiful and generous, improve the overall comfort of the medical environment. German craftsmanship hardware accessories, quality assurance, the entire lock life has passed 200,000 opening and closing tests, super durable.

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