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Exhibition review丨2020 Voge Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum

Sep 25,2020 | Company News

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The 12th Voge International Forum on Pharmaceutical Engineering in 2020 ended successfully at 16:00 on September 21. This forum not only attracted many well-known domestic enterprises and industry elites to visit the exhibition, the scene was unprecedented. Let us review the wonderful moments in the exhibition together.

In this exhibition, Shilin Liu, manager of Wiskind R&D, started with industry pain points and production needs, and launched a cleanroom enclosure system solution, and discussed the future development trend of cleanroom with smart design, environmental friendliness and smart delivery.

Wiskind combines advanced concepts in cleanroom design and construction, picks up the most concerned domestic topics such as VHP sterilization, nucleic acid testing laboratory design and other topics to explain in detail on the spot, bringing the audience advanced in pharmaceutical engineering project design and construction. The technology has received unanimous praise, and the scene is unprecedented.

Wiskind's booth this time is at booth D301 in Hall W3. With the innovative products independently developed by Wiskind and the professionalism of teamwork, it has won the recognition and support of customers.

In the raging environment of the epidemic, the innovation and upgrading of China's pharmaceutical industry has become the only way for the industry to improve its overall development level. In addition to focusing on R&D and innovation and continuously launching high-quality products, the transformation and upgrading of China's pharmaceutical industry also needs to start with engineering technology and digital factories to promote aseptic lean production and GMP standardized operations.

By using advanced technologies and concepts, optimizing production processes, improving production efficiency, reducing costs, and improving overall product quality, China's pharmaceutical industry is promoted toward the goals of innovation and integration, quality compliance, intelligent production, safety and environmental protection. Wiskind will take R&D and innovation as its own responsibility, and high standards and high requirements will help the new development of pharmaceutical engineering.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for your attention and support to Wiskind Group, and to have a detailed understanding and recognition of Wiskind's innovative products through this exhibition, which makes the communication and learning during this exhibition more targeted and purposeful.

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