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why use cleanroom?

Apr 11,2021 | Blog

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The rapid development of the economy and society, especially the scientific experiment and high-tech production process represented by microelectronics, biotechnology, and high-precision machinery, to the precision, miniaturization, high-purity, high-quality and high-reliability of enterprise products Put forward a higher standard.

The indoor environment not only affects the physical and mental health and comfort of the practitioners in the production and processing activities. If the clean room level or product production environment requirements are not strict, it will also affect the production efficiency and product quality of the products, and cause significant economic losses to the enterprise.

1. Have an important impact on the processing process

In the process of chip production in the microelectronics industry, the control of microscopic particles must reach the molecular level, otherwise the production will not be able to proceed, or the production will produce residual products. In the production environment of antibiotics, if there are some microbial strains, the production cannot proceed normally. Therefore, in the electronics production industry, it is necessary to establish an electronic cleanroom to achieve the accuracy of precision chips.

2. Affect production efficiency

A good environment can not only guarantee the physical and mental health and attendance of production and processing personnel, but also improve their working mood and passion for work. A good environment can ensure the smooth development of production and increase the pass rate of products. Especially in the food production workshop, it is necessary to establish a food cleanroom, which is particularly important for the dairy industry.

3. Affect product quality

If products such as light-sensitive films, electronic devices, experimental reagents, precision electronic instruments and micro motors are contaminated by dust, the quality of the products will be degraded or even scrapped. In the food processing industry, the presence of microorganisms will shorten the shelf life and reduce product quality.

4. Lead to environmental pollution

On the one hand, air pollution and water pollution cause harm to people's physical and mental health, and on the other hand, they also harm the processing process and product quality. Therefore, in order to reduce the impact of indoor air pollution on the processing process, it is necessary to improve or solve the problem of indoor air pollution through clean technology.

It can be fully affirmed that it is completely impossible for a general workshop to control the concentration of suspended particles in the entire micro-indoor environment so that it can reach the clean level of the standard production process standard.

Only by constructing a clean room, adopting a closed space structure, a reasonable airflow organization and a reasonable pressure difference, can the microenvironment reach the required air cleanliness level and meet the production needs.

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