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Wiskind and Baosteel held the first clean enclosure material technology exchange meeting

Aug 07,2020 | Company News

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Wiskind Cleanroom joins hands with Baosteel

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On August 4, Wiskind and Baosteel jointly held the "Meet Baosteel and Talk about Cleanliness" Wiskind-Baosteel's first cleanroom enclosure material technology exchange meeting. Ms. Ren Yuling, chief engineer of coating process of Baosteel Co., Ltd., and painter of Cold Plate Sales Department of Baosteel Co., Ltd. Marketing Center Mr. Chen Hongming, the director of the office, attended the exchange meeting. In addition, I was fortunate to have invited leaders from major pharmaceutical companies in East China, friends from the Shanghai Purification Association, and intensive work in various clean construction fields such as biology, pharmacy, laboratories, and food. Of outstanding engineering company partners.

Chuangxiang changes lives, Baosteel is a leader in steel technology and a standard setter for many steel products in China. As a professional enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and construction in the field of clean enclosure application, Wiskind always adheres to customer-centric, To be the Trustworthiest Global Enterprise in the Cleanroom System Area. Wiskind and Baosteel have fully opened technical cooperation for many years, and it is to share the results of new technology with our customers more quickly, so that users can feel the beauty and cleanness of steel.

By visiting Baosteel’s hot rolling, galvanizing, and color coating production lines, all the friends who participated in the conference felt the shock brought by the beauty of steel, and also learned in detail about Baosteel’s history, development scale, production line distribution, production capacity and Lean production and quality control work.

Afterwards, everyone gathered in the conference room of Baosteel Co., Ltd. to focus on the solution to the clean room enclosure system in the color coating field. The chief engineer of Baosteel Ren Yuling explained in detail the research and analysis carried out by Baosteel Color Coating in the clean industry and also gave a detailed analysis of the future The development and exploration of steel plates are introduced in detail.

Wei Jianlong, director of the Wiskind Technology Center, took industry pain points and production needs as the starting point, combined with advanced concepts in clean room design and construction, and captured the most concerned domestic industry trends to initiate interactive discussions among on-site customers.

After this exchange meeting, everyone had a new understanding of Baosteel's color coating and cleaning industry. Wiskind will work with Baosteel to continuously study material solutions for the clean industry, go deep into the market, deepen the industry, adhere to the customer-centric approach, follow the core values of "sincerity, goodness, and symbiosis", and continue to cooperate with outstanding upstream and downstream enterprises to share value We have been working hard to create greater value for the industry and the entire society!

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