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Wiskind participated in the 2020 Vogel Biopharmaceutical Technology Exchange Conference

Aug 19,2020 | Company News

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With the in-depth research of human life mechanism and the rapid development of pharmaceutical technology, from natural medicines to chemical medicines to biological medicines, China's biopharmaceutical industry has grown strongly in recent years, while the market has been further segmented, and product quality has been continuously upgraded. People look forward to. In order to meet the needs of the globalized market, China's biopharmaceutical industry needs to continue to innovate, use sound biotechnology and excellent manufacturing practices to speed up the production of drugs, reduce costs, and improve quality.

On August 14, the "2020 Vogel Biopharmaceutical Technology Exchange Conference" sponsored by Vogel PHT Pharmaceuticals and co-organized by Nanjing Biomedical Valley and Biological Jingwei was held in Nanjing. The theme of this conference is "reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and promoting excellent manufacturing". Wiskind, as a service provider of clean room enclosure systems, participated in the conference.

Wiskind Technical Director Jason started with industry pain points and production needs as a starting point, focusing on clean room enclosure system solutions, and discussing the future development trend of clean rooms with smart design, environmental friendliness, and smart delivery.

At the same time, for this meeting, Wiskind combined advanced concepts in clean room design and construction, and picked up the most concerned domestic topics such as VHP sterilization and nucleic acid testing laboratory design. Interactive discussions among the audience were brought to the audience. Advanced technology in engineering project design and construction.

Under the raging epidemic environment, the upgrading of China's pharmaceutical industry has become the only way to improve the overall development level of the industry. In particular, the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry should pay attention to R&D and innovation, and optimize production processes, improve production efficiency, and reduce costs through advanced concepts and technologies. Costs have promoted China’s pharmaceutical industry towards innovation and integration, quality compliance, intelligent production, safety and environmental protection.

Wiskind focuses on the field of clean room enclosure systems, with diversified and high-quality products and services, to provide customers in the professional field with comprehensive solutions for clean room enclosure systems. Participated in the construction of hundreds of clean room engineering projects of well-known domestic and foreign companies, and accumulated rich experience in product application technology and project operation.

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