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Wiskind cleanroom doors and windows MES project officially launched

Aug 27,2020 | Company News

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On August 25, the Wiskind cleanroom doors and windows MES project kick-off meeting was held at the group headquarters. Xu Shuheng, general manager of Steel Products, Yang Fuchang, general manager of the clean company, Liu Yong, the MES supplier team, and the director of information technology led the Wiskind MES project team and the clean company at all levels The managers participated in the kick-off meeting.

Li Shaohua, the representative of the Wiskind MES project team, and Qi Feng, the partner project manager, respectively reported in detail the implementation background, significance, implementation plan, implementation plan, and expected effects of the MES project.

MES system can bring more flexible response speed, higher production efficiency and better quality to cleanroom doors and windows. Informatization and digital enterprises are very important in the future development. At the same time, it is necessary to clarify the positioning of the MES project in the group's informatization plan, focusing on the company's long-term needs, and be sure to conduct automation and informatization improvements from the perspective of customers and the market.

The successful launch of this project marks that the MES project has officially entered the implementation stage, and it has also led Wiskind Cleanroom to a new level on the road of digital intelligent manufacturing!

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