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Wiskind Cleanroom Products Helps Build Corona Virus Hospital

Feb 20,2020 | Blog

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An epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. On January 29, after learning that the Boxing County People's Hospital will carry out the reconstruction of a new type of coronavirus hospital district, Wiskind immediately made a decision and immediately provided a metal cleanroom sandwich panel worth $3000 for free. The support materials were provided in January.

Cleanroom Panel Production

On the 29th and 30th, they arrived at the construction site in two trains to support the reconstruction of the new coronavirus hospital district of Boxing County People's Hospital. On January 30, Wiskind once again decided to donate medical product supplies worth ¥11833, cleanroom panel, cleanroom door and windows,cleanroom equipment,etc. to the "Bincheng City Hospital New Coronary Virus Expansion Project" through the Binzhou Red Cross, and delivered the construction on the same day. on site.

Xiaotangshan Hospital

The cleanroom panel is also called the sandwich panel. The composite board is made of color coated board, stainless steel and other materials as the surface material. The cleanroom panel has unique dustproof, antistatic and antibacterial effects. It is widely used in electronics, pharmacy, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research and other fields that require harsh indoor environments. It is an indispensable building envelope for coronavirus hospitals.

Dustproof Cleanroom Panel

Wiskind, as a professional cleanroom enclosure system service provider, faced with the serious situation of the rapid spread of pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection, immediately established an emergency war epidemic team, and responded positively. Due to tight engineering time, heavy tasks and strict construction requirements with rich product production experience and advanced professional technology, Wiskind provides medical products to major hospitals, creates a satisfactory clean medical environment for users, and goes all out to do product delivery and service work.

Cleanroom Panel Quality Inspection

For many days, Wiskind has been in a busy production state. Workers work overtime to produce cleanroom panels , cleanroom doors and windows, and urgently transport them to Fujian, Shaanxi, and Qingdao, Weihai, Linyi, and Weifang in Shandong Province. The hospital construction supports nearly a dozen hospitals in the Binzhou Municipal Hospital, Linyi Xiaotangshan, Weihai New Infectious Diseases Hospital, Weihai Xiaotangshan Project, and Weifang Second People's Hospital to fight the coronavirus project for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Wiskind Cleanroom Door Support Hospital

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