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[Brand Recommendation] Wiskind Cleanroom: Fighting the Epidemic, Building a Sterile Environment

Mar 07,2020 | Blog

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Under the new crown epidemic

Medical masks and protective clothing become scarce supplies

Many companies urgently establish production lines for medical protection products

Join the Anti-epidemic Support Team

Medical protective production workshop and hospital ward

All are aseptic clean spaces, requiring a professional cleanroom enclosure system

Today, Material Online Recommend Brand [Wiskind]

From the Spring Festival

Cleanroom panel for overtime production to fight the epidemic

More than 40 service items

Construction of medical protective product production workshops and hospital isolation wards

Expansion of non-woven fabric spray-melting cloth production workshop

Contributed professional value

Measuring Cleanroom Panel


Wiskind focuses on the field of cleanroom enclosure systems, with intelligent production, modularization and functional integration as its core competitiveness, and independently researches and develops the world's first automatic production line for clean plates with full intellectual property rights. The main products are cleanroom panel system and cleanroom door and window system, which provide comprehensive solutions for various sub-sectors such as biomedicine, food processing, precision manufacturing, and are committed to becoming the most trusted enterprise in the field of cleanroom enclosure systems.

Wiskind Manufacturing Base

Professional Value

The production environment of medical care products must meet the dust-free and sterile environment of GMP, and the workshop must meet the requirements of a 100,000-level clean workshop. The hospital ward has more stringent requirements for cleanliness, and the enclosure board must be dust-proof, anti-bacterial, resistant to disinfection and corrosion.

As a professional manufacturer and service provider of cleanroom enclosure systems, Wiskind has contributed its enthusiasm and strength to the fight against the new crown epidemic with professional strength and corporate responsibility.

After the outbreak, Wiskind obtained the government's permission to resume work as soon as possible, and responded to the needs of governments in all areas for ward construction and medical product production workshops. In addition, Wiskind has become the industry's only invited drafting unit for the "Compilation of Infectious Disease Hospital Construction Needs" for medical doctors.

Wiskind Cleanroom Panel Shipping

Since the Spring Festival, Wiskind has maintained full production to combat the epidemic, with more than 40 service items. Among them, there are nearly 20 "Xiaotangshan" ward projects in various places, and nearly 30 mask sterilization production workshop projects, including assistance projects.


※ Modular Cleanroom Panel System

▪Wiskind cleanroom panel adopts special color coated steel, aluminum alloy and other materials on the surface plate. The core part is composed of rock wool, glass magnesium plate, aluminum honeycomb, among other materials.

▪It has excellent product performance and is suitable for all kinds of purification room projects with strict indoor environment requirements. It is the ideal product for cleanroom enclosure.

Cleanroom Panel

※ One-piece Corner Panel

The one-piece corner panel is a patented Wiskind product.

The integrated corner is smooth and seamless, seamless joint, and the interface is more tight, so as to prevent air leakage and seam dust accumulation, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection.

The one-piece corner panel is specially insulated to effectively avoid the thermal bridge effect common to traditional corners.

Combined with Wiskind's fast detachment patented technology, the integrated corner plate can be disassembled on a separate board for convenient and flexible daily maintenance.

One-piece Corner Panel

※ Removable Panel

During construction and use, the purifying plate will inevitably be partially damaged and need to be replaced or repaired.

However, traditional purification plates are difficult to be partially disassembled, which often creates a problem to the construction contractors and the end customers.

The successful development of Wiskind’s fast detachment technology has solved the problem. The technology was patented by the state in 2015.

Removable Panel

※ Cleanroom Door

The cleanroom door is divided into four product series according to the material:, steel door, stainless steel door, color steel door and HPL door. The core material is generally made of paper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb to ensure the strength and flatness of the cleanroom door.

Cleanroom Door

※ Cleanroom Window

The cleanroom window is available in a variety of forms, including single and double glazing, with right angles and rounded corners. Wiskind cleanroom window has integrated structure design and is in perfect combination with cleanroom wall panel, which not only achieves good sealing performance and easy installation, but also has a beautiful appearance as the highlight of cleanroom space.

Cleanroom Window


Wiskind Cleanroom has an industry-leading smart factory that promotes process upgrades through continuous innovation.

The world's first fully automatic production line for cleanroom panel, which is different from traditional pure manual production. The production line is designed and developed by Wiskind independently and has full intellectual property rights. Compared with the traditional manual production, the automatic production line improves production efficiency by 6-8 times. It solves the problems of unstable quality and insufficient flexibility of production capacity caused by traditional manual production.

The process of steel sheet forming, gluing, core material filling, composite pressing and finished product stocking are realized through precise measurement and intelligent control. Machine control replaces manual control, which makes the accuracy, strength, flatness and aesthetics of cleanroom panel extremely great Improved, product quality is more stable. "Technology makes every cleanroom panel the same quality."

Cleanroom Automatic Production Equipment


Wiskind develops an intelligent delivery system to provide customers with a comprehensive solution for professional clean room enclosures and comprehensive and integrated services.

For more than 40 years, the Wiskind Group has been committed to the application of metal enclosure products, providing more than 150 million square meters of various construction enclosure products for thousands of engineering projects.

In the field of clean room engineering, Wiskind focuses on semiconductor, optoelectronics, biomedicine, food processing and other industries. It has participated in the construction of hundreds of clean room engineering projects of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and has accumulated rich product application technology and project operation experience. A high-quality professional technical and management team is the strongest guarantee for Wiskind to create customer value and achieve quality commitments.



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