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WISKIND Steel Shanghai Operations Center

Apr 25,2019 | Company News

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On April 23, 2019, Hongqiaohui, No. 990, Shenchang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, officially opened the Shanghai Operations Center of Wiskind Construction Steel Products. (R6, Room 701)

Live·friends and friends respect the future.

Customer representatives, strategic partners, major steel mills, and members of the Board of Directors of Wiskind have gathered together to witness this historic moment.

Design·Show the concept of WISKIND.

After four months, the Shanghai Operations Center finally bloomed.

Its birth has infiltrated the steel culture of Wiskind building, creating a space of high efficiency and vitality.

The open space function layout integrates office, meeting and exhibition halls, adopts industrial style and modernism style to create space fashion and steel culture.

Strategy · From China to the World.

As the Shanghai headquarters of Wiskind's steel products, it will become the platform and window for Wiskind's steel products to deploy China and the world, and bring more diversified business to the company.

Taking this opportunity, Wiskind's construction steel products will further enhance the market positioning and optimize the market layout; work together with the entire industry chain partners to jointly build a global and open three-dimensional cooperation platform to enhance the healthy and long-term development of the ecosystem of construction steel products.

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