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Wiskind participates in completing CIPM

Apr 23,2019 | Company News

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The 57th (Spring 2019) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo were held in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 17 to 19, 2019. Wiskind has received more than 2,000 customers to promote business growth and increase industry influence.

Wiskind Receives Customers

The Wiskind cleanroom with a number of technological innovations brought a good experience and technical application to the exhibitors. Removable cleanroom panels, 100mm air return wall system, one-piece corner cleanroom panels, cleanroom doors and windows systems, etc. attracted the attention of many exhibitors.

As a communication platform for trade and research, the pharmaceutical machine exhibition embodies a high degree of specialization and internationalization. The exhibits and technologies represent the highest level in the industry.

The debut of the Wiskind cleanroom enclosure system promotes business growth while also driving industry technology innovation.

Demising cleanroom wall system: Adopting the assembly design concept, the construction is convenient, the technical breakthrough of partial replacement is realized, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced. The technology won the national patent in 2015.

Air Return Cleanroom Wall Panel: The return air template factory is prefabricated, which can replace the cleanroom return air column and the hollow shrapnel wall to increase the use area.

One-Piece Cleanroom Corner Systems: Wiskind's patented products change the traditional combination of corner stitching, and the overall corners are smooth and smooth, with zero dust and cold-proof bridges.

Cleanroom doors and windows: High-standard positioning products, high-precision automated production, forming a series of color steel cleanroom doors, steel cleanroom doors, HPL cleanroom doors. The cleanroom window adopts an integrated structure design, which is perfectly combined with the wall panel and has excellent functions and aesthetics.

Standing on the highly specialized platform of the pharmaceutical machine exhibition, Wiskind's clean-up modularization concept has been widely recognized. Through technical exchanges and cooperation negotiations, the concept and technological innovation of cleanroom design and construction have been promoted.

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