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YX15-225-900 Corrugated Metal Interior Wall Panels


Thickness: 0.3-1.0mm

Length: 900mm

Core Material: Color-coated sheet

Raw Material Width: 1000mm

Color: Customized

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W900 Corrugated Metal Interior Wall Panels is usually used as roof or wall lining board, large canopy lining board, placed inside the main purlin.It is also the most common type of corrugated wall panels in the market.

Product Details

1 Product Parameters

Product nameW900
Raw material width(mm)1000
MaterialColor-coated plate, aluminum-zinc-magnesium steel plate, aluminum-magnesium-manganese

2 Product Characteristics

YX15-225-900 Corrugated Metal Interior Wall Panels

Common standard panel types with aesthetic and economical cross-sections.

-Placed inside the main purlin as roof, wall lining, or large canopy  lining.
-Conceal insulation materials and purlins to make the interior of the  building more beautiful.
-With a relatively low wave height, it is generally not suitable for  application in conjunction with insulation cotton. --When it has to  be used in combination with insulation cotton, the thickness of the  cotton felt should not be greater than 50mm.
-Produced with color coated ordinary-strength steel panel with a  thickness of 0.43mm.
-Able to be used as perforated acoustical panel.


-The utilization rate is high, and it is mostly used for on-site composite roof inner panels and wall inner and outer panels, and sometimes can also be used in small roofs. Beautiful and economical section, the standard plate type in the market.
-Shade insulation and purlins for a more aesthetically pleasing building interior.
-The wave height is relatively low, so it is generally not suitable for use with thermal insulation cotton. When it must be combined with thermal insulation cotton, the thickness of the cotton felt should not be greater than 50mm. 
-Perforated sound-absorbing panels can be used.
-Matters needing attention: When making the inner roof panel, it is necessary to confirm whether it is covered with purlins (positive and negative pressure). The headquarters has one set for Yantai equipment. The wave crest is different from the headquarters equipment, and can process medium-strength G350. For high-strength plates, the recommended thickness is within 0.6, and the yield strength is 300-350MPa

3 Product Innovation R&D Center

Product Innovation R&D Center

4 Wiskind Lining Panel Façade Systems

Wiskind Lining Panel Façade Systems

The lining panel can be used indoors to provide a flat visual effect and  increase the span. It can be deployed vertical, horizontal or inclined to  building lines, so that the designer is allowed more freedom to carry  out multi-dimensional creations.

The panel can be fixed directly to the interior wall or ceiling system.


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YX15-225-900 Corrugated Metal Interior Wall Panels

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