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Clean room envelope material

Sep 13,2019 | Blog

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With the continuous development of the clean industry, the envelope materials used in the clean room have developed from the earliest reinforced concrete structure, wood structure, steel-wood mixed structure and light partition structure to the color steel plate structure which is widely used today. Wiskind complies with the development of The Times. The metal composite color steel cleanroom panel and related clean materials developed and developed by itself not only meet all kinds of GMP requirements, but also improve the installation efficiency and safety with its unique structure.

According to the current standard clean workshop design must be carried out relevant policies and regulations of the country, to advanced technology, reasonable economy, safety, ensure the quality, accord with the requirement of energy conservation and environmental protection, to meet the demand of pharmaceutical cleanroom technology different, Wiskind offers a variety of clean room retaining structure is special materials, applicable to the pharmaceutical cleanroom technology different environmental needs.The following is a brief introduction to the main materials of clean room envelope provided by Wiskind for customers.

50mm clean room wall panel / cleanroom ceiling system

Pharmaceutical industry clean plant design specifications clearly stipulated: pharmaceutical industry clean plant partition materials should meet heat preservation, heat insulation, fire prevention and moisture;Internal surface should be smooth, no cracks, tight interface, no particulate matter off, resistant to cleaning and disinfection;

Clean room wall and cleanroom ceiling panel coating surface layer, using corrosion resistance, resistance to cleaning, smooth surface and not easy to mildew materials.The 50mm clean room wall panels provided by Wiskind can not only meet the requirements, but also have a variety of materials suitable for different process environment requirements of pharmaceutical plants.

The 50mm cleanroom ceiling panel provided by Wiskind is designed according to the man-capable ceiling, which can bear the load ≥150kg/㎡.

In the process of factory processing, high-efficiency tuyere and lamp installation holes can be reserved for roof plate, and embedded reinforcement.It avoids a series of problems such as easy deformation of hole opening on site, improper processing of hole raw edges, low quality of hole opening, large amount of waste materials and poor environmental sanitation.

The clean room panel can be embedded wire pipe to facilitate the installation of various pipelines, equipped with flexible multi-choice components to meet various needs.In terms of details, the edges of Wiskind clean room panel are sealed to avoid leakage of sandwich material from the clean room, and the firm and tight structure prevents air leakage.All the aluminum connecting parts and keel used in all the plates are matching molds, which 100% fit all kinds of plates produced by Wiskind;In addition, a variety of decorative styles can also meet different customer needs, to ensure the use of the same time, do not lose beauty, to achieve the real sense of quality projects.

Aluminum Profile Cleanroom door

Aluminum Profile Cleanroom door is suitable for clean workshop, hospital, medicine factory, food factory etc.Wiskind has designed and developed a special clean room door for the clean room, which is matched with the wall panel of the clean room, and is installed flush. The product has good overall performance, with the advantages of beautiful appearance, smooth, high strength, corrosion resistance, no ash accumulation, no dust, easy cleaning, and convenient and fast installation.

The window on the door has a variety of forms to choose, the door accessories also have different styles to choose, the width of the door frame can be adjusted according to the different needs of the customer's process, strict structural form to avoid air leakage, ensure the sealing.

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