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Cleaning Panel Site Protection Precautions

Jan 11,2019 | Blog

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Cleaning wall panel unloading precautions:

1、When the cleanroom panel is shipped to the destination, the quality, length, quantity, transportation damage, etc. of the product should be checked. If any damage is found, please mark it on the receipt and ask the driver to sign and provide the damage instructions.

2、When using mechanical unloading, the vehicle should be unloaded on a solid and level ground. When the fork is in contact with the plate, the surface should be covered with a cushion or pad to avoid damage to the plate.

3、When unloading and handling, care should be taken to wear protective gloves to avoid surface wear and safety. Lift it gently and lift the bottom with both hands. Do not lift the top panel separately to avoid tearing the sheet; do not drag it to avoid scratching or scratching the panel; avoid bending the panel, otherwise the filler inside the panel will break and the surface of the panel will be broken. Deformation.

Modular cleanroom wall panel stacking precautions:

1、The product should be stored on a solid and level ground. It should be stored in a dark place to avoid sun exposure. Take appropriate protective measures when the product is placed outside the workshop to avoid exposure and showers.

2、Apparent signs should be placed around the board to avoid damage to the board; heavy objects and hard objects should not be placed on the board to prevent scratching the surface; stepping on is strictly prohibited.

3、When storing the cleanroom wall panel systems outdoors, ensure that it is well protected before rain, to avoid damage to the clean room wall panels due to rain, and affect the use.

Installation Precautions:

1、The installation of the panel should be based on the layout drawing and the line drawing construction. The direction of the font on the protective film should be as uniform as possible to ensure the beautiful performance of the cleaning panel installation.

2、If the personnel need to move after the top plate is installed, the light-density MDF or the wooden panel should be placed at the position of the top surface of the top plate, so that the whole plate is stressed and the damage is reduced.

3、Purification plates marked with arrows should be installed in the same direction as the arrow.

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